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Indian Pond Heron (குளத்துக்கொக்கு / குருட்டுக் கொக்கு) at Madipakkam, Chennai.

While I see them throughout the year in Bangalore, I'm surprised that they go missing in Chennai after summer!

Now, the onset of winter brings them back in flocks!

ஐ.ஐ.டி-யில் மதவெறி மற்றும் பார்ப்பனிய சாதிக் கொடுமைகளால் தொடரும் மாணவர் மரணங்கள் தடுக்கப்பட வேண்டுமென்றால், ஐ.ஐ.டி பேராசிரியர் பணியிட நிரப்புதல்களில் இட ஒதுக்கீடு கண்காணிக்கப்பட்டு முழுமையாக அமல்படுத்தப்பட வேண்டும்.



The disdain for the poor getting access to education is nauseating AF. Education is a basic human right, a nation which can’t provide it, is a failed nation

Green Bee-eater (பச்சை பஞ்சுருட்டான்)

Clicked on a foggy morning last week, at Palar river, Vellore, Tamilnadu.

#BabriMasjid revisited: No, we cannot just decide that it’s done and dusted and move on

We live in unimaginably difficult times. We must therefore confront difficult questions, and give voice to our misgivings especially where it concerns questions of constitutionalism and justice.


4 writers needed for a visually challenged candidate for college exam. Medium Marathi. Criteria no age bar. Date 15 Nov. Centre Garware college, Pune. Time 10- 1pm. WhatsApp or call ummehaani Bagasrawala 9619177720 suniti desai 9833160770

Pearls of vision

Indian Roller (பனங்காடை) backlit by early morning sun.

Clicked last week at Vellore fort.

#Mastodon's founder Eugen Rochko ( @Gargron) speaks to Livemint on the ongoing mass-exodus of Indians from BirdSite, the challenges in continuing to provide users the safe, harassment-free space that BirdSite couldn't, online data security and on how little India's Govt. can do to exert control or censor free speech here.

#TootNotTweet 🐘

Days after Fathima Latheef, a first-year student of IIT-Madras, committed suicide in the hostel room.

Fatima's parents have alleged that humiliation and religious discrimination by some of her faculty members had forced their young daughter to take the extreme step.

A native of Kollam in Kerala, 19-years-old Fathima Latheef was an integrated MSc first-year student in the institute’s Humanities and Social Sciences Department.

#IITMadras #JusticeForFathimaLatheef

Fathima Latheef, 19 year old student in Humanities department, IIT Madras committed suicide. Her suicide note alleges religious discrimination by faculty. Is there any data on number of student suicides in IIT Madras? We often read about student suicides in IIT Madras, but the news is swept under the carpet swiftly.

Little-ringed Plover (பட்டாணி உப்புக்கொத்தி) at Palar River, Vellore.

Last week's Vellore trip gave many such interesting sightings and photographs. My first sighting of this bird in this area.

I agree 100%

Ayodhya’s Babri Masjid ruling in India endorses right-wing vision relegating Muslims to second-class citizens - The Washington Post

Rufous Treepie (வால் காக்கை) feeding on Banyan fruit.

Clicked last week at Vellore, Tamilnadu

hi new people!! nudity & sexual content is entirely allowed if it is marked sensitive & under a content warning, and sex work is entirely okay too! please stop reporting it!

you can read's CoC here:

I don’t understand this new phenomenon of customers posting photos of things they for and bought online, and thanking the seller with emojis and everything. I mean, did you post pics of cooked rice and tag Sampath Rice Mart all these years?

Blue-faced Malkoha (பச்சைவாயன்) at Vellore, last week.

A shy bird, belonging to Cuckoo family. Was lucky to see this fellow out in the open, basking in the sun.

I run a free newsletter called Caferati Listings, which shares writing jobs, assignments, calls for entries and submissions and the like; basically, opportunities for writers. It has just over 1600 subscribers.
After a good run, I kind of stopped sending it for five years, but restarted it earlier this year. You can see the archives at
If you have opportunities for writers you'd like to share, tell me.

(Boosts much appreciated. Thank you.)

How to #Toot. Various Options to Toot. Love this options!!!

#DMs #mastodonsocial #India

1. Public Toot: Posts to your public timeline

2. Unlisted Toot: Kind of private toot for your eyes only

3. Followers only Toot. Self explanatory. Toot will be visible to your followers only

4. Direct Toot: This is DM. Sent as a Toot only. Handles mentioned in the toot will get the msg as a DM.

Controls as shown in attached screenshot

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