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everybody. Thought I should get around to making an post.

I live in New Zealand where I love to get into the outdoors and enjoy . Generally dividing my time between family time with my wife and kids, in the and .

As a onetime ecologist I'm generally interested in environmental issues, , and community.

I currently work from home running our design and web business.

fedizine: an anarchist introduction to federated social media is now online thanks to our friends at the F-91W Distro:

It's also available as a PDF for reading:

and PDFs for printing in colour:
or black and white:

:anarchism: :fediverso:

More than 24 hours later and all dns servers I check have resolved to the new nameserver except one in Switzerland and the one here in Nz that my client is using.

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I just deleted a long whinging post. Instead I’ll just leave this:

dns ugh!

Well I’m not turning off my vpn so I guess that’s one less click for you

Imagine if you allowed your entire country to become dependent on power from a fairly hostile 3rd party country. How would you explain allowing this to happen to your people when they're facing a cold winter, & forced to roll back all their climate change gains from shutting coal power plants?

Then imagine *your* country is in the very same position, but instead of gas, your gov't have made your country 100% dependent on proprietary software provided by a foreign corporation. We're there now.

Two races, two wins. It felt like spring sailing this afternoon .

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Beautiful Sunday here. Sunny and warm with barely a breath of wind.
I managed a gentle run on the flat this morning.
The wind is forecast to increase for a good sail in a couple of hours.

Request for clothes mending help 

@RadiantEmber in my opinion here is a pretty comprehensive tutorial on mending

I've still got codes for my newest release on BandCamp. Reply to this if you want one. All I ask is if that you actually listen, and you like it, let me know and let a friend know.

#Nature fact: Most #tree roots don't grow very deep into the soil, but instead grow very far outward. Most small, grassy plants have deeper roots in proportion to their above ground height than trees. The exact depth of roots depend on the amount of water in the topsoil, trees close to a stream or in areas with heavy rainfall have shallower roots.

Microsoft blocks #Tutanota users from own service: Tutanota users can't register a Microsoft Teams account and Microsoft won't change this. - unacceptable..

I am so thrilled to announce that the Color My World sci-fi/fantasy coloring book zine is about 50% complete! I can't show any completed works, but I want to share with you some sketches the artists allowed me to share. Take a look:

#Art #MastoArt #Artist #SciFi #Fantasy

“It is with a heavy heart we have to announce that avain flu has been confirmed in northern gannets on RSPB Grassholm, the 3rd largest colony in the world for this species. “

Massive increase in poultry farming in recent decades has created a huge potential reservoir of disease that can leak out to decimate wild populations.


Due to NZ having close to full employment, one of the contradictions of a capitalist economy is being exposed. It needs unemployment to keep wages down. But when people are unemployed they are demonised as being lazy, good for nothing, leeches.



📣 Save the date e hoa mā! Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 12-18 Mahuru (September) Māori Language Week: Monday 12th September – Sunday 18th September 2022. This year, our celebrations will be bigger than ever so be sure to stay tuned for more. Kia kaha te reo Māori! #reomāori


@lightweight Yes, their use of NB, zoom, google, blackbaud etc is not aligned with their own policy in this area (replace Gov with Party):

"⋯ should encourage development, maintenance, and ownership of ICT systems by New Zealand companies.
⋯procurement should support locally developed software with consideration to the wider economic benefits to the New Zealand ICT sector.
⋯should encourage the use of Free and Open Source Software

The organisation that runs and promotes local community events is closing its doors later this year.

If I was to set up an online community calendar where clubs and organisations can add and manage their own events would Mobilizon be the best option or something else?

@alpinefolk I think we parents who know better need to push back... I've been stirring things here at home, too... If you haven't already seen it (probably applicable to you, too): I'd like to make a much bigger stink about this - yet another ignorantly-cavalier waste of our resources by policy makers and exploitation/colonisation of our kids.

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