Me shouting into your ear over the loud noises of a bar: "ACTUALLY IT'S 'LITTTLE A SALAMI'!"

How the fuck can people be dev for 10+ years and not know what Open Source is, and by that I mean claiming their code is open source because it is public.

That’s one reason I prefer to talk about Free/Libre Software. The term Open Source was invented for companies (read: capitalism) and also it is confusing to many people.

People who devote all their time to infighting and none to organising? Sounds like none praxis left beef!

A gender actually has 3 parts to it:
- when gender is pressed
- when gender is held
- when gender is released
and together, this forms one complete gender.

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shout out to that time Takeshi Obata, the Death Note creator, drew Star Wars art

The term loanword implies that we have to give the word back at some point. Repossessionword.

Is disgusting how the UK healthcare system for Trans people is nothing but waiting lists and cis people gatekeeping healthcare that Trans people need

It shouldn't be other people's say what we, as grown adults, do with our bodies and the fact that that's still thought of as okay is gross

shout out to the lady that's gotten people to donate $700k and counting to Australia in the midst of its fire crisis just by offering to DM a nude in exchange for a donation receipt. doing more of civilization than *checks notes* 100% of billionaires in comparison, good for you

so… you know how in like 90% of zombie fiction it’s bites that kill you and make you a zombie, right?

okay so

i want you to get anything denim from your house and just fucking bite it. bite it as hard as you can

chances are you can’t bite through the denim very well

so, here’s what i’m thinking:

zombie apocalypse?

all-denim outfit.

the anti-zombie juniform

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