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埃塞俄比亚宽干谷的温泉矿物梯田。Martin Rietze/高品图像Gaopinages

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英国斯凯岛的一只红胸鸲在雪地上晒太阳。Scott Masterton/高品图像Gaopinages

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Kenya Day 3 06.27

看完日出又在营地里转了转。又看到了一种新的咕咕,Ring-necked Dove(Streptopelia capicola,环颈斑鸠,图一上),和红眼斑鸠(图一下)的区别在能看清楚眼睛的情况下非常明显。

还看到了一种和巧扇尾莺有点像的小鸟,Tawny-flanked Prinia(Prinia subflava,褐胁鹪莺,图二),也确实是扇尾莺科的,但是是鹪莺属的。这个属基本分布在亚非两洲。(The name of the genus is derived from the Javanese prinya, the local name for the Bar-winged Prinia.)


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结果只有半小时长 :blobcateyes: 基本没啥新信息,只是有提到 [TBV] is a show about the antidote to trauma/finding human connection, 以及暗示他们有新的合作项目

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#纽约时报 剧院版:
『She’ll Have You at Moo: Milky White and the Power of Puppetry』
She breathes, coughs and mourns, and now the cow puppet that captured hearts in the Encores! “Into the Woods” revival is on Broadway.


#nytimes #theater

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