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INC leaders including the Gandhis should be more accessible to not only party members but also supporters.

INC leaders should interact with supporters on social media regularly. Why can't they have ask us sessions every week? The party should stop boycott of news channels. Need to start YouTube channel. Why can't National Herald have a YouTube channel? Shooting a video using a good camera phone n uploading is child's play now!

The verdict has annulled respect for history and seeks to replace history with religious faith. True reconciliation can only come when there is confidence that the law in this country bases itself not just on faith and belief, but on evidence. — Romila thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/The

So Sena-NCP will form a govt with Cong abstaining when asked to prove majority. The 30 year old relationship b/w Sena and BJP gotten over. The Big Brother among the two played dirty tricks during the election by having its ally candidates filing nomination with its own party symbol to increase its tally. Udhav didnt react then. But he took his sweet revenge now.

“The Ayodhya verdict will of course be read in the political context alone. Once you read the judgment in the present context, you will know the Supreme Court has failed to uphold liberty. This would mean that the lesson emanating from all this (Ayodhya Judgment) is that the present Supreme Court is part of an illiberal state. This is a dangerous trend for democracy.” - Kaleeswaram Raj, Sr SC Lawyer.

Oh my god it feels so good to use #Mastodon on a Desktop!!

Like I'm getting to stretch my digital legs.

अयोध्या पर सुप्रीम कोर्ट का फैसला समझना मेरे लिए मुश्किल: सुप्रीम कोर्ट के रिटायर्ड जज.thewirehindi.com/100895/ayodhy

Elections under seige.

"Internet freedom is increasingly imperiled by the tools and tactics of digital authoritarianism, which have spread rapidly around the globe. Repressive regimes, elected incumbents with authoritarian ambitions, and unscrupulous partisan operatives have exploited the unregulated spaces of social media platforms, converting them into instruments for political distortion and societal control."


I am no longer Hindu. I am currently a part of an atheist minority and actively converting as many to atheism as possible.

RT if you're in or at least game to keep your gods your private business and are godless for all public purposes.

Only answer to Hindutva may finally be in enough Hindus dumping the religion to turn Hindutva into a solid minority by all interpretations.

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किसानों को सही दाम दो, सुविधा दो, सम्मान दो। किसान को मजबूर नहीं मज़बूत करो।

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@salm456 @Deepsealioness The world suffers a lot. Not because of violence of bad people.but because of silence of good people

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World's top 5 countries with the highest quality of life are secular: Australia, Norway, Canada, Sweden & US. In US, religious states Mississippi, Arkansas, & Alabama lowest in quality of life while secular states New Hampshire, Minnesota & Vermont on top. dailyo.in/voices/hindu-rashtra

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Why was the NCRB data withheld and manipulated to hide the fact that Maharashtra has the highest number of farmer suicides?

Despite such shameful manipulation, the people of Maharashtra have rejected the @Dev_Fadnavis@twitter.com govt.

People won't be fooled by BJP anymore

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I was asked by my neighbour, (a practitioner of no religion, and a person with a simplistic view of law) how different would have been the SC verdict if I was the judge? That has got me thinking. And I'm still thinking.

What would you have done? @rupagulab @yehlog @larissaf

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BJP is not saint party. It tried hard to form government. It tried everything that was possible for her leadership. But it was outsmarted by Sharad Pawar.

Now BJP will talk 'morality'. But before that it should be asked that why BJP didn't kept word of CM post to Sena!

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They dug up a 500 old issue and destroyed a place of worship, caused riots. Instead of punishment they got entire land in reward, and now they are saying, forget and move on. Why forget? Let future generations know and remember what happened in democratic india.

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#Modi govt changed the base year in 2014 to show higher GDP, and now again this fraud govt want to shift the base year as 2017 ( slump year after demonetization ) as the base year, so, they can show "fictitious" high GDP and do the chest thumping. Frauds

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India is trying to correct 400-500 yr old history with little evidence. When will correct and many other riots that happened when we already had tons of tech to capture fact e.g. photos, videos, audios? Are we waiting for evidence to rot?

Maybe you had any hopes from Indian but I wasn't living in some fool's paradise. I have always been cynical of justice system in India. It doesn't establish equal justice for all. Only powerful get judgement in their favor.

A certain anti-caste handle was accused of "offending Hindus". The beef hashtag in TN was condemned. A certain Muslim handle is being accused of "bashing Hinduism".

In all these cases, false equivalences are being drawn when the oppressed affirms equality to offend. It is important to be cognizant of this faultline before such narratives get normalised.

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