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Hej, it's me again. I've been told to write an introduction post. So here it is.

I am Matze. Live in Hamburg, Germany. Team Lead Engineering at XING / New Work.

I have more ideas than time and many, many projects that all spin around my medium, the computer. Here is an incomplete list with all the necessary hash tags:

I'm into . Especially web frontend development with and . In the meantime, the focus lies more on coaching than coding.

Since my early youth, I've been creating in my head - and . Together with my wife, I've even managed to write a novel () and work on the second one.

And there is: , , a little bit of and a lot of . And, last not least, my , mainly , , , and .

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Today, we can hear the first signal from Horizons/West - the second part of Thrice's 2 Album project. Amazingly strong, modern, but also throws me back to their early records.

: To Luyten's Star

There was a giant party in the Procyon colony when the ships were inaugurated. Both cities, Loton and Racoon, have built redundant generation ships to perfectly safeguard their passage to Luyten's star, a tiny but promising star system that is only one lightyear away. A 12 years journey.

Now the detailed plans for the selection process started, just a year ahead of the departure. 10.000 adolescents between 16 and 20 were selected as passengers along with 2.000 experts responsible for ship, supplies, education and coordination.

The special training program for the chosen youngsters began the day after the inauguration. Those were the people that were supposed to form a new society from scratch. So they had to be prepared. Everyone got an individual trainer assigned. They went through terraforming strategies, behavioural training, exercises to adapt to different gravity and flight tests.

After a year, they were ready to embark.


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: Communication

Things that travel at the speed of light have the most benefit from the anatomy of spacetime that the teams on the Enclave workshops had discovered. So FTL communication was one of the first thriving engineering fields that emerged.

Even the G-Tubes useless for humans had been good enough to send probes, robots and drones into transspace. The first series of transspace communication phalanxes had settled at G171, which brought the moon into high-speed real-time communication ranges of 8ms latency. And the delay for communication from Mars went down to 3 seconds on average, good enough for live streams. The communication in the whole solar system changed completely after the first generation.

Today all colonies are connected through a fourth-generation communication system running on G180k. This renders a reaction time of 22 ms with the Titan colony and 90 minutes with the science station in the Rana system about 30 Ly away.


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: Zoom In

There are quite some storylines flying around on this account and I'm excited to start yet another today.

Some years ago, I started a novel, a post-apocalyptic dystopia with mixed-in religious and fantastic elements. Namely angels, demons and devils. But not so much in the religious way.

I called it "Elements", because it was planned as a road trip from land through water, into the fire and back through the air. It starts with a deserted Europe where only a few people have survived and the shores have massively changed through bombs and nature taking back what belongs to her. And it's also a classic symbolic fight - science against evil.

At that time I neither had the stamina for a whole novel nor was the story rich enough. A better opportunity was supposed to come later.

But that story surely still makes a beautiful tale told in short blocks of a thousand characters at a time. So let's dive into hell and back again.


: Observations

The human expedition was planned for a lifetime commitment. Observing and studying a new species was the ultimate adventure that you could embark on in Earth's 23rd century.

But it would not be a job in isolation and deprivations like many other scientific expeditions. The team was huge. About 200 people were on the space station that circled planet Kret.

There were all kinds of disciplines involved. From microbiologists to theologists.

Besides the station in Kret's orbit, there also was a cloaked outpost on the planet that mainly hosted relay technology for small robots. They called them "The Bugs". They were only around 1 cm large but equipped with cameras, microphones, other sensors and mainly an intelligence that could take autonomous decisions.

First goal: Don't get caught! Second goal: Record and filter as much relevant information as possible.

The team on the space station had a lot of material to explore.


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The Mars Volta album is out and it's ... different.Nowhere near the massive Prog Rock they left us with. Instead they deliver Pop. Nice, okayish. But definitely not what I expected.

: Problem chain

In the past posts connected in this chain here, I had a short glimpse of the three topics (Traffic, Food and Energy). But I've already seen that any of these fields is utterly complex and never black and white. So before I go into more details on each of them, let's go back to the basic problem.

Earth thankfully has a greenhouse effect. It would be a cold dead place of -18°C if it wasn't there. This effect is caused by gases in the atmosphere that are transparent in visual light and opaque in infrared light. Mainly water vapour (with short term effects) and CO₂ (with complex long-term lifecycles).

We have increased the amount of CO₂ dramatically in the last 100 years - from 320 to 420 (by 30%) in the last 60 years alone. We have seen that Earth is significantly heating up. CO₂ pollution is coming from burning fossile fuels - like coal (C) or gas (CH4).

We use the energy coming from there for global wealth, so we can't just stop it.


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- G-Tubes

Two of the participants in the Enclave project, Charles Frempton, an engineer and Janice De Jong, a data scientist, have worked on the possibility to enter deeper layers of the gravitational dimensions. This technology was considered the basis for Faster Than Light travel.

The problem had to be solved with raw computing power. It took them 2 years alone to find a geometric field that theoretically could have worked. Toward the end, they could present the first prototype, that could generate a small 80 cm diameter portal to a 25 times deeper gravitational layer - making everything 25 times faster than in our world without additional effort.

Later on, Frempton created a probe that fitted through the hole. It made it to the moon in 42 minutes using normal propulsion.

They called that tube geometry "G25" but that was not the end. Over the years, other solutions have been found. The current maximum is G180k.


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: The Third Wave

The chain continued and most of the projects that planted seeds in our universe have thrived. Especially the missions that found habitable planets grew rapidly and are on the brink of finishing a successful terraforming process.

The third wave has anchored in the Procyon system and built their habitats in shelter caves deep inside two suitable rocky planets. But also they could create a balanced and well off society.

Caused by the circumstances, they became masters of the crafts they needed. They build the most stable caves even in the oddest rock, they developed a beautiful architecture style especially for their transparent structures outside those caves and they are experts in geothermic power plants.

And now they are almost finished with their generation ships. As there are two colonies, they've constructed two sister ships to balance the odds.


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: Academy

Science is a process of understanding the world. The Hermetics had started to form networks millennia before for example, the people in Europe had settled. And studying their own capabilities, studying magic and handing over knowledge represented an early core aspect of such communities.

In the year 6021 BC, the Hermetic Society founded the Academy (or with its full name the Academic Council). Other than common universities, It is an independent organisation with subsidiaries on all continents. The Academy works based on a sophisticated knowledge exchange system, that had worked ages before the first telecommunication devices were invented.

Among others, the Academy includes the following faculties:

- Hermetics: The physical and philosophical aspects of magic
- Hermetic Anthropology: researching and categorising the phenomenon of magicians
- History: Analysing the detailed chronicles of Hermetics and their effects on humans


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Today I have something special. Archive have just released a small EP from Hamburgs Reeperbahn Festival. And when I've heard that their tour got cancelled, Ive found out that Darius, their mastermind got cancer. So that song didn't seem like a coincidence.

- Landscapes

The freshly created pristine Mesh contained virtual landscapes that resembled different regions of the earth from Antarctica over deserts to rainforests.

There is one unifying element, a gigantic river called Lethe that spans the whole outside equator of the Mesh donut. The river is in some areas as wide as an ocean but in other areas as small as 10 Units.

Besides that, you can find wide land, hills and mountains, forests and other rivers and lakes all of which in the end float into the Lethe.

In the first year, the Mesh was exclusively opened for designers, architects and companies in a closed Beta. They started to terraform the surface. They created cities, they designed geometric structures, organic streets, artificial monuments and re-created some of the landscapes to make them even more interesting.

And they owned the first areas. They defined the first look of a world that was meant to be changing over and over.


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: Second Wave

Another week later, about a month after the aliens arrived, they came back. This time, much more cameras eyed any possible corner of public space. Humanity captured 48 of the 61 spheres. But, what's more important, some of them kept their focus. So we saw the activity.

We saw the spheres hovering about four meters above the ground. We saw metallic shapes exiting the bottom of these spheres. We saw them moving around so swiftly that we could only see them in the high-speed cameras.

And we were shocked to see how they pulled people into their ships. Again. But this time, they seemed to be better informed. They had made a selection. Among the kidnapped were 41 government members or high officials from 35 countries, 52 scientists from all disciplines and 29 leaders and strategists from leading companies all over the world.

From that point on, one of the reporters claimed, the aliens knew us.


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- Energy

Energy consumption and management is the third train of thought, I want to talk about in this series.

Energy, on the one hand, is by far the biggest driver of the climate crisis. On the other hand, the world in central Europe faces another crisis fired by heat and drought and by the war in Ukraine and our dependency on Russian gas and oil.

For the climate, the complex topic splits up into four interdependent areas:

- electricity (43%)
- industrial consumption (24%)
- traffic (21%)
- heating (12%)

More detailed numbers with sources will follow. This touches only the energy
part, the whole climate crisis is much more complex because it entails other
more efficient greenhouse gases, deforestation and tipping points.

I have the feeling that I have to increase the frequency of these posts because
every day something new happens in that sector and I need to get behind that. So
much for the short kickstart into the energy topic.


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- Project Enclave

By the year 2095, Marla Lays theory was complete and confirmed correct, but the practical implications as well as the potential to change the world was either unknown or mere speculation.

One year later, Lay with her good reputation and massive network could convince seven other leading physicists and three engineers of a two-year project called "Enclave".

Together with 50 other doctoral candidates and technicians, they founded a science think tank in Noordwijk, Netherlands, which provided infrastructure for both theoretical context and practical construction and experimentation.

They kept their discoveries close until the designated end in the year 2098, thus the project title Enclave.

The result was a working, faster than light propulsion model, the so-called Grava drive that could project the first artificial force field and a science paper that was considered the seed of all later inventions.


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It's monster Prog time. Some days ago, my favourite Norwegians Motorpsycho have released their new four piece album. This is the 22 minute core track. Take your time.

- Back in the World

I have been saved. I woke up in a hospital somewhere in Vietnam. Our ship sank and all my colleagues died. And I had this strange dream that day. Or was it a dream? I really don't know anymore.

After Mr Hanaku stopped his twenty-minute tale, the pub in Inningham, Middle England fell silent. Probably for the first time ever, you couldn't hear a sound. The dart players had stopped playing and all the other guests had stopped eating and drinking and talking. Just the muted TV monitors showed flickering images of some Premier League game. Actually there was also no other movement in the room.

Well, at least for thirty seconds.

"Bartender", yelled a Scottish guy. "Another whisky. I need a strong one after that story".

And everything went back to normal. And Mr Hanko sank back into his chair and smiled slightly.


This has been the story of my right arm. The left one is still not finished. So that story will be told on another day.


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- Convent

Once a year, representatives of the lodges meet for several days and discuss the state of the Hermetic Society. The Convent is organised for around 8000 years. In the beginning, it was a massive once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage for attendees and only a small selection could follow the calls to the table. At that time, the lodges had endless power.

When travelling became easier, more magicians from different parts of the world could join. Today, the convent is like a gigantic fair with a lot of meet and greet. There are so many Hermetics, that the lodges can only send some representatives.

The Convent is well organized and forms several committees that discuss matters from world politics to internal organisation.

Additionally, there are three central committees called councils that are constituted through the convent but form permanent institutions: the Academic Council or Academy, the Council of Observers and the Registry.


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- Structure

We already know that the Mesh is a giant doughnut, But I want to give you some more details.

The Builders wanted to introduce as many different sceneries as possible. So the doughnut is rotating around one axis in a daily cycle and around the symmetrical centre in a yearly cycle and it's illuminated by a giant sun from one side. This creates the effect of day and night and sometimes even a tube eclipse.

In addition, it has four spokes on the inside and in the centre of it all, there is a spherical core. The spokes are small compared to the diameter of the doughnut tube but gigantic when you stand right in front of one of the sockets. All of this central construction contains the management and controlling facilities to run the mesh - from teleportation logic to search engines. Companies who build infrastructure to run the mesh have their facilities inside a spoke or even in the core sphere.


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: First Wave

The media called the objects Alien from the beginning and everyone who saw the pictures immediately had the same thoughts.

On an August day, Earth was visited by 61 spheres. All of them arrived simultaneously visiting all continents. There was visual footage of 35 of them and it ran through all the news shows on the same day.

As they always do, the so-called experts analyzed every single bit of that visit. The diameter of each of the identical spheres was around 18m. Their visit took 2 hours 20 minutes and they really were absolutely synchronous to the second. Metallurgs speculated about the surface material, aerodynamicists about the turbulence around the UFOs while physicists seemed to know how they were moving, where the power came from and how they had come here.

But it was only three weeks later when the authorities and investigators found out that 122 people, two in each region where the spheres had been sighted, had gone missing.


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