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Hej, it's me again. I've been told to write an introduction post. So here it is.

I am Matze. Live in Hamburg, Germany. Team Lead Engineering at XING / New Work.

I have more ideas than time and many, many projects that all spin around my medium, the computer. Here is an incomplete list with all the necessary hash tags:

I'm into . Especially web frontend development with and . In the meantime, the focus lies more on coaching than coding.

Since my early youth, I've been creating in my head - and . Together with my wife, I've even managed to write a novel () and work on the second one.

And there is: , , a little bit of and a lot of . And, last not least, my , mainly , , , and .

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Last week, I didn't find any remarkable new track. It's summer break in the music business, right?

Today, I have something from my favourite french Post Rock act "Lost in Kiev"...

Hej people, last day before my holidays. I'd like to use the opportunity to
showcase some of the posting series that I started in the last months:

"Transspace", a series about a new space time theory of everything.

"Kret", more world building scifi posts, this time it's about another alien
race. (

"Hermetics", the backstory of our fantasy novel about magicians.

"AI Jobs" on how professions could be optimized away and replaced by AI.

"Tattoos", the invented backstory of the motives on my arms.

"Goliath", a multipart short story about an AI for now - could go somewhere
else, too. (

"World 2", some real-world thoughts about the causes of the climate crisis.

... and many others. Go have a look, I've linked you the starting points, so you can watch the stories unfold.

- The Problem with Cars

From the previous post, the problem becomes obvious. While with traditional combustion engines, the amount of kilometres is the most destructive part for our environment, the new electrified vehicles have batteries. And they cause the most damage while they are produced. That means many cars standing around is a highly inefficient way to use such a resource. Even more so with battery-driven cars.

There are already some approaches:

Using the battery while the car is standing to store e.g. solar energy produced by a building roof for the night. That seems interesting at the first glance, but unflexible in the long run.

Recycling batteries gives them a slightly better eco-balance, but it doesn't cover enough.

The only sustainable solution is a change in our mindset. Why do we have to own cars? Why don't we share them? Why are we willing to stay in traffic jams day-in and day-out?


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- Traffic & Transport

During Corona, many of us were bound to our homes. From time to time, we had to move our muscles somehow. What I did was go out for walks. Because we also moved into another, new district everything was new and had to be discovered.

By the end of the lockdown, we knew all of the streets and alleys and secret green pathways of our hood. Funnily we didn't know any of the shops, pubs and restaurants around us, because they were closed.

But there is one depressing view that follows you when you go through the streets of a city. Millions of parking cars. Gigantic immobile unneeded mountains of metal standing around. Some of them are three times as large as needed. Their design cries "Attention, the boss is now on the road".

Ever since I can't get this picture out of my head again. Some cars are on the road again. But still, any parking space is filled with such a tin man.

So why are we doing this to ourselves?


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- Marla Lay

The theory of Transspace has been created by the dutch scientist Marla Lay. She started to work on it during her PhD phase at the end of the 2080s and published the groundbreaking paper in the year 2095.

The theory came with twelve base formulae and didn't contain any singularities anymore like all its predecessors. Yet it could be considered a superset of the theory or relativity and the quantum theory for most aspects. But now, we could also predict the edge cases.

Although Lay was in the lead, she already had a rather big staff and one of the best quantum computer arrays to work with. And also later, she went through an unorthodox path and decided to involve the best scientists and engineers in the world to work on practical proof and potential technical inventions.

Project "Enclave" started in 1996. More in the next post.


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: Singularity

Six years into the project, Goliath's supervising team declared the Singularity. The psychologists and other scientists created an extensive test suite that represented human-level capability in all fields of proficiency. Goliath passed all of them.

The technological singularity is the point in time, where the first AI becomes better than any human and marks a point of no return through its exponential growth of knowledge.

Although this was predicted as a tipping point not only for the machine but for humanity as a whole, the team assured that the system is fully under control through its containment and fixed computing capacities.

Also, the philosophical discourse around the conscience of machines was ongoing. Although this was not part of the singularity experiments, the philosophers and neuroscientists conducted a set of interviews around self-awareness which didn't end in proof but also not in disproof of conscience.


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- Coding in Practice

Writing programs for the Mesh is more complicated and fuzzy than in previous versions of the internet.

In former times, coding was precise. A developer controlled every single pixel and every interaction. But the surface of a 3D world is much bigger than browsers. The Mesh can be entered with devices from watches to immersive suits. Each of them comes with different ways of interacting with the Mesh space.

Therefore a good part of the interaction between different objects in the Mesh is controlled by the Mesh itself. Developers could but almost never do detailed motion studies to tweak micro movement curves. That is the realm of AI. Aspects like facial expressions or body gestures are derived from live or trained video footage.

So developers and designers are plumbing the pieces together. Additionally, there are huge libraries of basics to choose from. They can concentrate on the 20% that make the difference.


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- The Hermetic Society

I need to tell you more about the Secret Society that stands behind everything. In fact, it's the biggest organisation of mankind that you've never heard of. It was founded 10.000 years ago. At that time, only 2 million human beings existed in the world. And so only a handful was strong in Mana.

Still, some of them met in the thriving Middle East and founded the society that thrived ever since. They had been influencing life and politics long before the term politics was invented. But they have managed to stay hidden since the beginning. They are the puppet masters of the world.

The Society splits up into decentralised and rather independent cells or lodges that spread worldwide. The hierarchical structure is not necessarily tied to magical strength. As usual, it's a composition of the will to organise and lead, the strive for power and the actual hermetic capabilities. So it's not always the most capable who leads the pack.


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- The Start

I'd like to start a new posting series that I call "World 2". It's all about the Seldon'esque crisis we're facing at the moment. The Climate Catastrophe. I'd especially like to go into three different streams:

Transport: I guess even besides its damage potential for the world climate (and this includes traditional cars and EVs), owning and driving so many cars harms us in many other ways. So it's worth a look on its own.

Diet: Food and food production is one of the big columns of reasons for the climate crisis. Everyone knows that. But it's also the hardest to give up.

Energy production: Another topic with hundreds of side effects. We wage wars and fraternise with despots to get resources to produce energy. And we're ahead of another round of exploitation of the African continent.


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Are you a fan of 90s thrash metal or the 2000s System of a Down hype? Then this is for you. Supergroup Dead Cross (with Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo) will have a new album and released this single today.

- Developer

What? Developers are supposed to be replaced by AI? Never. I thought we'd be the last?

But just like with the Designers, there is a viable product on the market. It's called Github Copilot. It creates mostly usable code from the given context of a file. It has learned through billions of lines of open-source code that is hosted on the Github platform that dominates the market for code hosting.

It still makes mistakes. But it delivers stunning results and makes me as a developer google much less. Think about its evolution. Let's say five years into the future, it might be able to do all the tedious parts of coding for you - all the boilerplate. And latest in ten years, you can tell the machine how a program should work and there it is.

The world moves fast in that area. And with the new tech, it will accelerate even more. But the high demand for developers will normalize and the time for specialists will come (back).

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: Success Story

Goliath, the AI was a promising project after all. Over time, they released some of the neural networks spawned by the core as dedicated programs for public usage or better for profit. Three years after the routine operation had started, the project paid off itself through investments of states, suggested economic optimisations and product spin-offs.

That's where the next phase started. The engineers added an array of eight quantum computer cores, which expanded the horizon of Goliath's capabilities by orders of magnitude. From decryption to reverse engineering to real-time visualisation, every feature of the AI passed former boundaries and tipping points.

At that time, the system could produce a photorealistic movie in almost real-time or write stunning symphonies and analyse money streams of a whole continent while the other slots for interviews and side tasks still stayed open.


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- Ryu

I remember things. Visions from when I was underwater. After I fainted, I mush have been drifting around. And I saw things. well, I believe I dreamt of them.

First, there was Koromodako. You may know him from his other name, Ctulhu. A giant squid, several meters large. I really believe he held me above the water with one of his tentacles. We Japanese believe in Yokai, natural spirits, just like you believe in Saints. Koromodako didn't speak but I believe he communicated with me through his mind.

After that, I saw other sea creatures, Heikegani, a giant crab and others. I also have memories of skulls drifting on the still stormy sea—presumably my dead colleagues.

At last, the Ryu came. The giant sea dragon. The lord of all the other creatures that now retreated and stepped back into the shadows where they came from.

"Hello Mr Hanako", said Watatsumi, the Dragon in a terrifying voice. "You have a powerful guardian."

Then I fainted again.

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- Time Dimensions

The third group of dimensions after space and gravity form the time continuum. The beautiful symmetry also gives us three of them.

However, we humans can only sense one. We live our lives on a timeline moving permanently in one direction.

The theory says that the other dimensions contain alternate realities and form the multiverse of possibilities. The timelines next to us contain a sequence of events that are very similar to ours. Timelines further away form different worlds.

However, it is technically not yet possible to prove that. Many scientists work on gravity effects, some also concentrate on the time effects of the theory. But there was no breakthrough yet. All of this remains theory for now.

But the theory says that time travel is more complex than imagined. Going back in time means contaminating a timeline, which automatically forms another one. So you simply can't go back into your own timeline.

, @scifi

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Today, new and pretty cool new album is released. But I have selected something completely different: a new song from one of my absolute favourites "Crippled Black Phoenix". It's starting slow and comparably simple compared to their usual style but it develops and starts to breathe and shine towards the end.

Developing in the

When the Mesh and its predecessors had been introduced, the way how content was created has changed drastically. Before that, the web had consisted of semantic text, most of the time dynamically controlled by software.

With the introduction of three-dimansional virtual realities, developers also had to consider the space and the representation of their data in it.

The Mesh is still an open, decentral net. In order to allow a homogenous virtual impression of such a heterogenous situation, the introduced a development standard called UNO, Unified Net Objects.

This standard splits the 3d world into a huge tree of nodes that permanently changes. Each node in there is represented by three characteristics: Its look and feel including its relation to its children and parent nodes, its data that it stores and the possibilities how it could interact with data and environment AKA the code.

In the next post, I'll dive a bit deeper.


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