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We may have followed you here, but the VegBiryani Sanhar Sena is wayyy ahead here !! 😂

These are our Anti CAA protests in Chennai . Indians are facing state violence. More than 25 have lost lives, children are being beaten in custody, there is also allegations of rape in custody of Muslim boys from an orphanage, many many are facing illegal arrests, detention and cases filed against them . We are only protesting a bill which discriminates Indian Muslims, we are not even protesting the state. Spread the word

Hyderabadi wedding band near me is playing the darndest songs. The latest gem is "Achcha sila diya tune mere pyaar ka". 🤦‍♀️

Kinda wishing they play "Ye desh hai veer jawano ka" next.

#HumDekhenge, Lazim hai ki hum bhi dekhenge, hum dekhenge,
Acche din jiska vada , Jo BJP manifesto mein likha hai, hum dekhenge.

Jab notebandi ke hongey hisaab, aur smart city ban jayengey

Hum fakeeron ke jholey mein,
jab 15 lakh aa jayengey
Aur ahl-e-Adani ke sar upar, jab kadki karh-karh kadkegi #HumDekhenge

Since some Bhakts objected to #Faiz version, here is a Sanskaari version

Spotted a artist of a dying art, in Nizamuddin (West) Delhi. Issued in public interest, in case anyone needs some old vessels refurbished

The UP Police, like the Govt of India, has changed face throughout history. My mother, when she was a school kid, was escorted home in a police jeep when a curfew was imposed in the area where she lived. Now to think of UP Police anywhere near our children is scary.

It’s been 100 days of repression in #Kashmir. Voices have been silenced, families distraught. Please come to Jantar Mantar in solidarity. #100daysofshame

The Book Shop, Jor Bagh posted a glowing review of my book #ShahjahanabadTheLivingCity on its Instagram page and I've been smiling since.
Do read
Book available on Amazon and all bookstores

By a unanimous verdict by Supreme Court the members of the Hindu faith have been given claim to the 2.77 acres of disputed site in Ayodhya. The Sunni Waqf Board gets 5 acres of alternate land in Ayodhya.
Disputed land to be handed over to a Trust in 3 months by the central government to build a temple. SC terms razing of the Babri Mosque in 1992 and placing of Hindu idols in vicinity of mosque in 1949 as illegal

@ICLU_Ind will comment further after reading the whole judgement #AYODHYAVERDICT

Long reading of judgment reminds me of what a litigant said, clients are interested in orders, not the judgment

SC land dispute decide kartey kartey boley, Modi Ji aap hi mandir banalo, aur mussalmano ko zameen bhi aap hi de do.

"Masjid dha de,
mandir dha de,
Dha de jo kucch dainda ,
Par kisi da dil na dhaain,
Dil wich Rab Rainda"

Baba Bulley Shah

hi everyone, if you are new to mastodon, please go to your settings, then the "other" category, then turn off search engine indexing. it's a safety feature that makes it a little bit harder for strangers to find your posts.

When can their glory fade ? 
O the wild charge they made! 
   All the world wonder’d. 
Honour the charge they made! 
Honour the Light Brigade, 
   Noble six hundred!


Many requests for my time tomorrow for television shows on #AYODHYAVERDICT . Will try and avoid rabblerousers and stick with calmer heads and channels. Will ration my time and energy only towards maintaining calm and peace at all costs. Will avoid freeloading channels backed by big business. Sounds like a plan?

For those who don't know, I grow carnivorous plants (and sell the occasional spares) and make artisan soaps. (among lots of other things).

More info about those two at

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