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I am a feminist- mere believer & pursuer of equality and respect FOR ALL. Nothing less and nothing more.
My key interests are gender and development. I spend most of my time loitering, listening to stories, reflecting and writing..
P.S: I am also a social media novice belonging to Gen Y (!!) who will require some boost to figure out this platform.


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कंग्रेस अपने पहले वाले गुरूर मे जी रही है, आनेवाला समय इसका जनता पार्टी जेसा होने वाला है।स्वामी की तरह अकेला कॉग्रेस का अध्यछ बना घूमता फिरेगा। कामन मीनीमम प्रोग्राम के आधार पर यदि कंग्रेस शिवसेना को समर्थन देती है तो हर्ज क्या है,महाराष्ट EVM हैक से भी बचेगा।

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The way maharashtra has screwed bjp was awesome! Its like a big stick inside a..

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Where the difference lies between mastadon & twitter?
Mastodon users are happy & loyal to use mastadon, unlike the twitter users.

Twitter have also accused the site of ignoring people from marginalised castes and communities.

Treating everyone equal is the moto of humanity & it should be prioritised whatsoever.

#mastodon #twitter #difference #equal #humanity #bekind #begentle

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You think Muslims are pining over a monument? A simple mosque? Then you have missed it completely.

The day Babri was demolished, Muslims had to just watch.

Then they were attacked all over the country just to satisfy the bloodlust of the majority.

They were ghettoised, viewed as terrorists, they were killed every day!

The Hindu Terrorist BJP supporters you voted didn't even spare an 8 yr old child!

It was never about a mosque. It was about your need to kill innocents for 20 yrs

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Shared - haven't explored.
Caution: Proceed at your own risk

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You know you’re having fun in life when you don’t check Twitter for 24 hours straight 😚

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@Deepsealioness reaching out to you for some much needed boost! Happy tooting!

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Some fanatics with unquenchable hatred for Muslims are still not happy after the judgement. Now, they are having problem with Muslims being provided a separate land. Truth is Ayodha dispute was never about the faith or religious beliefs but a strategic alienation of minorities.

SC Observations: Placing of idol in 1949 desecrated the mosque. No proof of Temple underneath the site. Demolition of Mosque was illegal. Judgement should be based on Evidence, not faith.

SC Verdict: Disputed site should be given to build temple.

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Indian minorities and JUSTICE (?)

◼️ 1983 Nellie Massacre

◼️ 1984 Sikh genocide

◼️ 1987 Hashimpura

◼️ 2002 Gujarat Genocide

◼️ 2008 Anti Christians Kandhamal riots

◼️ 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots

◼️ And now 1992 Babri Demolition..!!



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hi everyone, if you are new to mastodon, please go to your settings, then the "other" category, then turn off search engine indexing. it's a safety feature that makes it a little bit harder for strangers to find your posts.

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Somewhere on WhatsApp

Original name of Mastodon is "Mast Don" which is nick name of Don Dawood Ibrahim. These Sickular Pakis pushing their agenda to demonize Hindutva wadi Twitter. All Hindus must unite and appose Mastodon

Jai Aryavrat🚩

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What's Illegal in here? #RanaAyyoob
Is making political statement amount to get prosecuted?
Did we done away with democracy already?

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