Obviously, political cartoons aren't covered in the first amendment.

acesabe@mastodon.social well that's theacesabe@mastodon.social that's the point now, isn't it? The people who opt to by and similar devices, aren't keen on Androids, IOS or phones for that matter. Surely, you understand that these people already have various phones and are clearly concerned with freedom, privacy, development and hacking. Why many such people, many of them never actually leave home with any phone in tow

Will 2020-2030 be the decade of the cancel culture and darkness? It is high time to sock it to these haters of freedom. rms-support-letter.github.io/

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You become a hacker when you realize C is a high level language
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@agentcasey My peertube videos were over at peertube.mastodon.host/ before, but that instance seems to have been down for a while.

I haven't moved to another instance, nor have I uploaded a video anywhere since January

@Akzel where do I go to see your peertube videos so that I can subscribe?

What I mean by this is, I also write over here: @maphammond@write.as

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For full disclosure I am too, maphammond.

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WriteFreely is an open source platform for building a writing space on the web which uses #ActivityPub protocol to share with the #Fediverse - See writefreely.org/

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Parts of Germany are heading into a stricter #lockdown, with a #curfew from 21:00 to 05:00 (9pm to 5am for those that are not blessed by the metric system ;). Rumour mill has it that #Bavaria will do just that from next tuesday on.

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#Plex Mediaserver has an interesting (#sarcasm) business model. Pay 5€/month to watch your own content on your own devices on your own network.

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