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I really love the badong sound this app makes when I get a notification *toot+

Im actually just posting my Facebook memories sorry I don’t create content no more

Today 6 years ago I applied to university across the county with these game concept screens ( ‚her’) and luckily got accepted lmao and I’m still not done ✅ (mentally I am)

Kommt die Franzi in die Bar fragt der Barkeeper: warum ziehst du so ein eggiges Gesicht

Hello nice to meet you my name is aeon eggesis or Miami eggy

Excel sheets really make me feel a certain wAy :capyface:

Revolution yes 👍 but eggs are banned 🚫 (too violent)

Oh you lovely creative creatures - stop apologising for your work! Stop making excuses for it!

Your work is valid. You don't need to say 'sorry for the' or 'sorry it's a bit' or sorry anything. Everyone here is learning - some people have been learning for longer than others. Every single one of us knows that sometimes the paint splodges or the pen wobbles or we mess up somewhere.

It's fineeeee. You're fine. Own it, and carry on. <3 :bear_hugs: :bob_ross: :bowie_stardust:

Das war leider bisschen geschwindelt ich bin noch körperlich sehr schwach und renne langsam 😭

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Zur Feier des Tages zieh ich meine nazykickers an

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