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Kerala : 14163 Samples tested = 405 tests per million.

Rajasthan: 24857 Samples tested = 355 tests per million.

Maharashtra: 31874 Samples tested= 265 tests per million.

Gujarat : 9783 Samples tested = 155 tests per million.

UP : 10595 Samples tested = 53 tests per million. twitter.com/amitmalviya/status

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Lets not get bogged into intellectualizing what is happening.

RSS takes out a parade in Hyderabad, dog-whistling turns to outright threats, UP Govt acts like Gujarat circa 2002, PM and Home Minister stating that revenge will be meted out to 'tukde tukde' gang.

There hould be no doubt that this is the RW bolstering its agenda, with the backing of the media and state agencies
Any opposition is anti-national

If this is not an Emergency, what is ?

Is it possible to challenge the Aadhaar and surveillance project now that the govt inadvertently admits to its failure as a welfare scheme ?

In the econ survey they talk about a CENTRAL WELFARE DATABASE... think Aadhaar-NPR-NRC-CWD... add population control measures that the Niti is working on...

I'm reminded of Shiv Vishwanathans lecture of Hindutva RSS and tech

What is the right strategy for civil disobedience once the NPR/NCR Kendras get set up?

Turn up ?dont turn up? One ID? No ID?
One document, no document ?

Yes Bank reports divergence in gross NPAs of Rs 3,277 crore. As of Sept 2019, this means an additional Rs 2018 crore worth of GNPAs have to be added to the existing Rs 1259 crore figure.

Just goes to show that replacing one faulty CEO with a better one, does not mean a clean up for the bank.

Evils of the past always come back to haunt

Court confirms that there is no stay on the Bombay HC order, so CBI still cannot take any coercive steps against Grover and Jaising.

Justice Aniruddha Bose recuses himself from the case. @TheQuint@twitter.com

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Committee Of Creditors Extend RCom’s Asset Bid Deadline By 10 Days

The longest and most public bad debt resolution

What the older brother says the bankers humbly oblige. The RComm asset sale process has been underway since 2016

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Detailed, damning investigation using open source material by @DisinfoEU@twitter.com ... puts together how a group of right wing, even fringe European Members of Parliament were feted by Delhi and taken on a guided tour of - among other influence operations twitter.com/disinfoeu/status/1

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If anyone wants to support Congress joining Shiv Sena you can do me a favor by unfollowing me or the least you can do is not explain me why it is good.

Minorities and dalits have had their dignity traded for your political expediency for long and we dont have to listen to your patronizing crap.


Proto-Nationalists Are Inherently Insecure.
Taseer's original sin was backing the emperor in 2013/14. Then he reversed his position

"Give me 50 days", the emperor said.
Yet the effects of the first post-truth econ policy in our history are still playing out over 1,000 days later.
Break the back bone of the working classes, kill agri trade (look at food CPI post Nov 16) and still come out victorious
Yay For Elected Emperors

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