My second pants!

Originally going to be elastic waistband in the back with pleats in the front, but when we tightened the elastic to the correct position, my side seams were in the back! So it's a full elastic waistband with extra pleats.

Also, I did a lot more sewing myself on this pair and I think my mom was happy for that!

Midweight Ponte de Roma fabric from blackbirdfabrics in colour pecan

My first Muna and Broad pants! (worn all day, so pardon the wrinkles)
Spruce green corduroy from blackbirdfabrics, great on polar vortex days like today ❄️
When we were putting these pants together, the Bee Gees were playing in the background and my dad was very confused about what decade it was 😂
I think I would try to grade the legs a little more narrow and add a few inches in length for my next make.
Thank you to my mom for all of your help sewing these!


Poem about fatphobia by @ raffela_mancuso on ig

I think this is super cute! I wish I could make my neck and shoulders bigger so it's more accurate though


Reminiscing about the Christmas mashed potato recipe. So full of butter 😍

Alberta politics 

Our premier is now almost 45min late to address the media about reports of UCP MLAs leaving the province to vacation in Hawaii and Mexico.

Added most of the tv episodes I've watched in the past 1.5 years to TV time app (thanks for the suggestion @mand0linn) Wowowow!
What's the best TV show you've seen this year?

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