Ugh! Fell into the popular social media trap again 😣 Been mindlessly scrolling on FB and IG for dayssss.
How do you stay mindful about your social media consumption?

Ah, I'm sorry ewe It can be really hard to stay off social media. Usually if I'm not consuming social media, I'm consuming something else x3 Like movies, cartoons, videogames... I think the best way to avoid it, especially if you're feeling too oversaturated or overwhelmed, is just going for a plain walk uwu if you can

@archersarrows yeah, I'm usually on some sort of screen for most of my day, so feel the need to consume something! Going for a walk or moving my body is a good idea, just need to motivate myself to do it when all I want to do is lay down 😅

@adnama Omg, I know that feeling ewe Motivation is hard uwu I'm trying to give myself an actual schedule to go out for a walk at least once a day, but finding the right time to do it is hard x3

@adnama @archersarrows Aww same here, the fedi timeline is really addicting especially when lots of stuff is happening. I'd try to squeeze that walk in sometime but it doesn't always work. Important to try though. Or just do some light exercises at home like, do 10 situps per scrolled page for the first 3 pages or so.

@Sophie @adnama Aw yeah uwu I think it's also just hard bc it's winter right now where I am x3 But it's not really about working out, at least for me, just the fresh air is super nice when you're feeling all stuffy 0:

@archersarrows @adnama Yesh exactly, winter for me means layering up and that takes time and effort and i'm usually too lazy. :x

@Sophie @adnama Aw man x3 I feel that. Plus trying to walk with all that gear on. No thanks xD

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