Hi friends!
New to the platform because @femmmeow is very convincing and was fed up with the algorithm/BS on ig.
I'm a white, able bodied, fat, queer woman, and a nurse in the Canadian prairies.
I'm interested in leftism - anti racism, anti capitalism, fat liberation, queerness, inclusive health care, and pro sex work.
My spare time consists of consuming memes, endlessly binging tv shows, trying to be a beginner knitter, worrying about the end of the world, and adoring my cat.

@adnama your spare time is sooo relatable. the beginning knitting struggle is real! and cats are the best. what have you been watching lately?

@mand0linn I was so excited when I bought yarn and needles, watching yt videos trying to figure it out. And now it's just sat there for the past few weeks!!
When I read your question, my mind totally blanked. I couldn't remember anything I've ever watched, except Breaking Bad 😂.
Currently watching The Code (Australian), recently watched the Bee Gees docu on HBO, Big Mouth S4, The Prom, the teaser episode of Euphoria. A pretty wide variety!
I want an app to keep track of what I've watched!

@mand0linn also recently re-watched both of Hannah Gadsby's Netflix specials *chef's kiss*

@adnama Learning to knit is definitely a process. I picked it up and set it down frustrated a lot at the very beginning. Now I know a little but not a lot. It'll get easier. can't go wrong with a simple scarf for a first project!
I know what you mean about blanking when asked a question like that, the struggle is real. I've heard good things about the Prom! And I hope to get around to Euphoria and catch up on Big Mouth soon. There's an app called TV Time that might be what you're looking for.

@adnama omg didn't see your second comment till now, I haven't watched her second special, I keep forgetting to!

@mand0linn I'm going to try make a hammock for my cat tree as I had to cut out the fleece one because a visiting cat peed on it 😑🙄 wish me luck!
Omg thank you for the suggestion of the app!!! Downloading now!!

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