Do we need a new political party based on Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
This party will be true to above values unlike our current lot.
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I voted "No".

As I see it, there is atleast 1 party that does this : Swaraj India. For me, this is the party that symbolizes all that AAP once stood for, the one I would have supported if India weren't at stake.

Right now,we need consolidation in the Opposition, and not fragmentation ; let all the traditional parties form 1 alliance, and ...

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@AmitRamesan @omairahmad @DilliDurAst @Memeghnad @imMAK02 @ikaveri @IrenaAkbar @rupagulab @sanjayuvacha @SidrahDP @nikhil_thatte @Deepsealioness brilliantly said. I agree that we need consolidation not fragmentation. I agree with your assessment of Swaraj India but don't compare it with AAP of earstwhile. I think AK made pact with RSS and handed over our movt to Modi on platter. Plus i doubt his commitment to social justice as he ran Anti Reservation movt before IAC


While I would readily agree that IAC was formed to help Modi win in 2014, and also that AAP's campaign in LS'14 helped Modi, I am not convinced that AK himself was complicit in deliberately doing this.

Look at the pattern of stonewalling AAP's bills/ initiatives by the BJP and its LGs, persecution & disqualification of its MLAs .

Does it add up?

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@AmitRamesan @omairahmad @DilliDurAst @Memeghnad @imMAK02 @ikaveri @IrenaAkbar @rupagulab @sanjayuvacha @SidrahDP @nikhil_thatte @Deepsealioness of course AK knew. After all he was not only one of face of IAC but also main controller of that movt.
BJP acts vindictively cause he beat them beyond imagination (67 seats and 55% votes) and that too just after LS elections. We all know how #MurderousDuo is. They've literally killed people for less


Sure, he may have been aware ; that might also partially explain why he helped form a party.

Besides, of course, the challenge from INC to democratically ensure the Jan Lokpal Bill was brought to fruition.

Discrediting the movt was done by Anna, Ramdev, Kiran et al. , not by AK and others like PB Sir/YY Sir, who tried to take it to conclusion.

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Let's agree to disagree and make progress ; our nation is more important than any single party.

Money in politics, especially black money, is the biggest problem of our times, as evidenced by the electoral bonds expose.

What do you think we should do?

The best way of fighting their black money is with our white money, IMHO.


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We need systems that support a social reform, we need parties, institutions that has Democratic conduct which gives power to people's voice instead of top few leaders.
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* Sealed cover judgements in courts need to go.
* Draconian and opaque laws like the Public Safety Act need to go.

We need transparent AND independent public institutions.

A rethink on our education system is needed. There should be greater emphasis on values, empathy and our role as citizens.

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