"What passes for the left in the Democratic Party has mastered the art of performative resistance. They tweet out antiestablishment rhetoric. But behind closed doors, they play for Team Blue, which means they play for Team UnitedHealthcare, Team Humana, and Team Raytheon.

The collapse of the Squad shows that change will not come from inside the Democratic Party. ... It’s time for progressives to walk away from the Democratic Party and support a third party...

Remember to kill and cook thoroughly before you though. Pigs are know to host ... infested.

The conservative satire site The Babylon Bee. Right for all the wrong reasons.

"Frankly, recruitment numbers are down, and we needed some way to find people who are really enthusiastic about fighting wars."

Report: Internet Users Who Call For Attacking Other Countries Will Now Be Enlisted In The Military Automatically babylonbee.com/news/people-who

Ecuador names a new frog species after ...

"Pristimantis ledzeppelin is the new species of land frog described in the Río Blanco Community, Cordillera del Cóndor, Ecuador, by researchers from the San Francisco de Quito University (USFQ) and the National Biodiversity Institute (INABIO), an institution attached to the Ministry of the Environment. , Water and Ecological Transition." inabio.biodiversidad.gob.ec/20

Oh no no! No in !
🤣🤣🤣🤣 "Mass melee in the Ukrainian parliament after an MP from the president’s ruling party says “poverty will end when opposition MPs are shot to death”" Via Intel Slava on Telegram

In case you're wondering how ended up being a destabilization 'thing' in . Turkey's government (whose son made bank transporting stolen oil for them) keeps their satrap 'nation' in from being overrun. is IS' 'handler' for .

'tourists, leaving garbage'

"Almost three tonnes of garbage were cleared from waters around Mazatlán, Sinaloa, last Saturday, in the city’s first plastic fishing tournament.

Around 60 participants on 30 boats spent four hours retrieving 2.9 tonnes of plastic from the channel between Urías estuary and Stone Island, an area which has been badly affected by tourists leaving garbage..."

"First-ever plastic fishing tournament retrieves 2.9 tonnes of garbage"

Sleepy Joe doesn't go ANYWHERE without his "Nuclear Football". Including , to meet .

I heard rumors that Russian hackers plan to jam his earpiece. That should be a laugh!

Source: Intel Slava

In the PBS Special "1968" (it WAS an interesting year😎), former Nixon speechwriter and conservative commentator Pat Buchanan says the Vietnam War cause a rift in US society that would be with it for that generation's lifetime. Belief in Covid-19's danger, or not, restored... or reinforced, that rift, and the current generations are now experiencing that as well youtube.com/watch?v=6vVZP2T60w

Searching for City Lights on Other Planets. There’s a detectable difference between a planet shining with reflected light and a planet glowing with its own artificial illumination. scientificamerican.com/article

What said here is equivalent to "You say you want a revolution ... you'd better free your MIND instead"

"One of the fundamental objectives of Marxism is to remove interest, the factor of individual interest, and gain, from people's psychological motivations. Marx was preoccupied both with economic factors and with their repercussions on the spirit. If communism isn't interested in this too, it may be a method of distributing goods, but it will never be a revolutionary way of life."

"". But the special operators and mercenaries will remain. The latter being the only post-military job opportunity for people who have no skillset that doesn't involve torture, killing, gun smuggling.

Just as well. Let the Afghanis kill them off one or two at a time. Like the AQ and IS CIA headchopping islamists, you wouldn't want a mercenary living next door.

"In parts of the United States and the bottomless pit of the internet, tomorrow, June 14, is considered “Barack .

To celebrate Day, here are Barack's greatest hits (wars, coups, slavery, sanctions, al-Qaeda, colonialism)" bennorton.com/obama-day-wars-c

"We'll call you when you're six years old And drag you to the factory

To train your brain for eighteen years With promise of security

But then you're free And forty years you waste to chase the dollar sign

So you may die in Florida At the pleasant age of sixty nine..." -Steppenwolf, The Ostrich m.youtube.com/watch?v=8SeUqDjP

About so-called American "".

"The local wrote on its Facebook page that “checks SHOULD be available 6/21/2021.”

Replying to the deliberately non-committal language, one worker wrote with obvious irritation, “You spelled ‘will be’ wrong.”"

"UAW to striking Volvo workers: Your poverty strike pay will not be available for at least two weeks"

I keep kidding designers and engineers that the reason their output is often unusable crap is due to the fact they never use the shit their ideas produce.

I stand corrected. SOME DO use the products their work creates. Anyone whose ever fished around inside one of these things for the end of the TP will appreciate this.

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