📢Protest statement :
Anonymous Operations condemns the unjustified act of the Myanmar junta, which executed the death penalty for democratic activists under unjustified trials.


It's time to change the world. Remember, remember the fifth of November Stand up. Be brave. Join us. 🏴 In Every Major City - Worldwide! Get your mask on.🎭+😷

The smallest act of kindness
Is worth more than the greatest intention.

- Khalil Gibran
Homeless support is needed throughout the year.
Very important,
Please Join us,
Help the homeless.


Help us with the Anonymous

Please Join us.

Abortion is a Human Rights.

Get information from the following accounts.
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Police arrest 11 suspects of 'Anonymous Malaysia' hacker group.

Eleven men, believed to be part of the " Malaysia" hacker group, have been detained following six raids conducted by police in Pahang, Johor, Perak and the Klang Valley.


🗞🛑 & has targeted to support .

🔻Leaks are found on multiple Twitter profiles. t.co/02BbtwJxJ6 - Websites are going down soon. Expect us. is coming....

via @chalecosamarillos

Join Us,November 5th 2020, - In Every Major City - Worldwide! We Invite All To Join Us On The Streets For Our Annual Million Mask March.

Anonymous activist @YourAnonX3lj: facing a possible 18 years in jail for alleged participation in ,accused of having illegally accessed a total of 41 websites of different bodies and entities.

📢 t.co/0DZ3TxrIAA

.@YourAnonX3lj is charged with computer damage and disclosure of secrets (18 years) for allegedly having carried out actions with Anonymous against Spanish websites and web services in connection with OpCatalunya.


Grupo detrás de conocido como DDoSecrets en conjunto con Anonymous, publicó viejos chats de WikiLeaks y cartas que datan de 2010 entre Assange, fuentes y el hacker Anonymous que cumple condena en la cárcel Jeremy Hammond


"Más que un violador o un maltratador": un activista de Anonymous en España @YourAnonX3lj se enfrenta a 18 años de cárcel y una multa de 10.800 € por defender el conflicto catalán protestando con ciberataques.



I'm an Anonymous hacker in prison, and I am not a crook. I'm an activist-Jeremy Hammond buff.ly/2yyJnp8

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