NEW VIDEO 📽️ Installing on

Not sure how to install on Linux for reversing and analysis? 🤔

Let me show you! 🥳🎉

✅ OpenJDK
✅ Ghidra Install
✅ System Shortcut

Enjoy! 😘

Iranian state-sponsored hacker '' are leaving no stone unturned to exploit unpatched systems with to target Israeli entities, suggesting that the 's long tail for remediation.

Hackers associated with BazarLoader, , and IcedID are increasingly using the Bumblebee loader in their campaigns to breach target networks for post-exploitation activities.

⚠️ Researchers warn as new sophisticated malware is helping attackers steal browser cookies to take over accounts.

Researchers warn of a new campaign driven by "," a malware-as-a-service (Maas) that spreads via campaigns and drops the post-exploitation framework on targeted machines.

Cybercriminals are actively exploiting a recent critical flaw in Confluence Server and Data Center products to drop miners and payloads.

⚠️WARNING: attacks are on the rise — a persistent and pervasive web browser hijacker that uses to inject malicious extensions and redirects traffic to malicious ads.

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