Japanese companies and hospitals are strengthening their network systems to counter cyberattacks from Russia.

User reports show problems with Au by KDDI. There is a problem with Au by KDDI
Communication failure
September 11th night, 23:21 Japan time


🚨🚨UPDATE 18. 07 SEP. 🚨🚨

84 Groups:
35 Pro-Ukraine - 43 Pro-Russia - 5 Unknown.

First time more Pro-Russian groups than Pro-Ukraine.


Twitter has been down.

User reports indicate Twitter is having problems since 1:41 PM EDT. downdetector.com/status/twitte RT if you're also having problems

We are declaring cyber war against the government of Japan.
government has released a statement about the attacks confirming some government sites have been impacted.


The Japanese government says a pro-Russian hacker group is suspected of having launched what is known as a attack on the government network.

Iranian state-sponsored hacker '' are leaving no stone unturned to exploit unpatched systems with to target Israeli entities, suggesting that the 's long tail for remediation.


has rolled out patches for a critical vulnerability (CVE-2022-36804) in Server and Data Center that could lead to the execution of malicious code on vulnerable installations.


has updated its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog with 7 new vulnerabilities based on evidence of active exploitation.


CVE-2017-15944, CVE-2022-21971, CVE-2022-26923, CVE-2022-2856, CVE-2022-32893, CVE-2022-32894, CVE-2022-22536

Researchers confirm that Chinese hackers attacked at least 13 organizations in the U.S., Taiwan, India, Vietnam, and China during four separate campaigns in 2021.


Hackers associated with BazarLoader, , and IcedID are increasingly using the Bumblebee loader in their campaigns to breach target networks for post-exploitation activities.


added a recently disclosed security flaw in UnRAR for to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog after receiving evidence of active attacks.


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