🚨🚨UPDATE 18. 07 SEP. 🚨🚨

84 Groups:
35 Pro-Ukraine - 43 Pro-Russia - 5 Unknown.

First time more Pro-Russian groups than Pro-Ukraine.


We are declaring cyber war against the government of Japan.
government has released a statement about the attacks confirming some government sites have been impacted.


The Japanese government says a pro-Russian hacker group is suspected of having launched what is known as a attack on the government network.

Iranian state-sponsored hacker '' are leaving no stone unturned to exploit unpatched systems with to target Israeli entities, suggesting that the 's long tail for remediation.


has rolled out patches for a critical vulnerability (CVE-2022-36804) in Server and Data Center that could lead to the execution of malicious code on vulnerable installations.


Researchers confirm that Chinese hackers attacked at least 13 organizations in the U.S., Taiwan, India, Vietnam, and China during four separate campaigns in 2021.


Hackers associated with BazarLoader, , and IcedID are increasingly using the Bumblebee loader in their campaigns to breach target networks for post-exploitation activities.


“Anonymous” Hacktivists collective called on hackers from around the globe to target Russia and it appears that hackers are answering the call.


added a recently disclosed security flaw in UnRAR for to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog after receiving evidence of active attacks.


⚠️Caution : Researchers from found that nearly 3,200 mobile apps expose their API keys, some of which can be used to gain unauthorized access to Twitter accounts.


WARNING: Hackers exploit a new in the platform to attack online shopping sites and steal their customers' payment card data.


Juniper Networks has released security patches to address several vulnerabilities in Junos OS, Contrail Networking and other products, some of which can be exploited to take control of affected systems.


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