Global Revolution Team is initiating massive cyber attacks on Iran & Saudi Arabia

We are the voices of the oppressed.


Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior

The security guard of the Islamic regime arrested
a few minutes ago!
He is a freedom fighter who has worked for years for the free flow of information in Iran.


Anonymous' response to 's terrorist regime will be decisive and immediate

Hackers all around the world: target Iran in the name of

let them know we do not forgive, we do not forget.

Anonymous will fight tyranny and the regime, always.

has waged a massive against Iranian State institutions hacking its news agency, forensic research center, DDoSing top govt sites, and much more for !

JUST IN: In response to a violent police crackdown of protestors and censoring communications, launched and have now hacked over 100 Iranian websites, including several belonging to the Iranian government.

Мassive Attack.
tax. gov. ir…

ict. gov. ir…

ito. gov. ir…

mimt. gov. ir…

The Anonymous collective launches a cyber operation against the Iranian government.

does not have an official account, official website, or official spokesperson. :anonymous:

ATTN: We're getting many DMs of followers asking where can they donate to us. We don't take any money.

Don't give money to any anon accounts asking in name of . Those are fake accounts imposing.

Stay safe don't get scammed.

With love, Anonymous.

Even if you are deceived, there is no customer service center.😂

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