Asda Plant Based! - Wonderful! - Soya Protein [ Habitat Destruction ], Palm Oil [ Habitat Destruction ], and Rapeseed Oil [ Unecessary - Major Cause of IBS - Aggravates IBD - GM Crops ]. - Not good enough: it needs to be: NO Soya, NO Palm Oil, NO Rapeseed Oil.

This gorgeous cat (the one shown on its own) is currently in need of re-homing and can be viewed at: Animal Care, Blea Tarn Road, Scotforth, Lancaster, LA2 0RD.

She can be noisy at night and unfriendly unless she likes you; but is otherwise quite loveable and in need of a good home with outdoors access.

The other cat is from a different litter, but the two have always been together; however, he - River, - a neutered tom (the other being Mia - a spayed female) may have already been re-homed.

Genuine particulate-pollution laced wall pieces from Penygroes car-park in Gwynedd. - Complete and blatant disregard for site CEMP and DoW:CoP.

Abusive planning applications and mineral extraction in Dyffryn Nantlle are being used as a cover for bio-diversity habitat destruction and to exclude areas from our World Heritage Site application.'s%20Wor

Progress is good, but not at a cost to many to benefit the few or the destruction of our environment to the detriment of us all.

The What Damage? reports (full and summarized) can be downloaded from the Wildlife Trusts site:

The owners of the hedgerow are a Mr and Mrs Jones of Penybryn Mawr, Clynnog Road, Penygroes. I only hope that they at least have the integrity to do the right thing and to prosecute the contractor responsible for cutting the hedgerow.

Gwynedd again, this time Penygroes, with images showing the work of our 'farmer' contractors.

As you can see, this has been a deliberate act of destruction, permanently damaging the hedgerow and trees by cutting them right back to the original planting line (even to the point of the tractor having to mount the verge in order to massively overcut the hedge).

This particular section of hedgerow runs from the A487 Penygroes roundabout towards Ffordd Clynnog and Penygroes Quarry.

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