Gov's Coronavirus Act puts criminal justice ahead of public health and strips away our civil liberties. Even after this crisis, it'll still be there, and can do it all over again. PETITION: scrap the Act and focus on a response protecting human rights

Can I offer jobs on this site? - Please say if not, as I do not want to breach any site rules over this.

I should expand on this by saying that I am aware of the way they are treated in SOME countries but, truth be told, and in the UK (at least) they not only constitute the bulk of our population in some areas (very much to the exclusion of the native population), but have become so indigenous in those areas that our Police forces are unable to investigate crimes relating to BAME without being condemned as racist, and that is wrong and should not be happening: this cuts both ways.

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Spotted this huge fungi on my walk today, I think it's named Chicken of the Woods.

Black Lives Matter? Wrong, ALL lives matter, and until we are one people, one race, and one nation we will never achieve true unity or anything even approaching absolute equality.

Asda Plant Based! - Wonderful! - Soya Protein [ Habitat Destruction ], Palm Oil [ Habitat Destruction ], and Rapeseed Oil [ Unecessary - Major Cause of IBS - Aggravates IBD - GM Crops ]. - Not good enough: it needs to be: NO Soya, NO Palm Oil, NO Rapeseed Oil.

This gorgeous cat (the one shown on its own) is currently in need of re-homing and can be viewed at: Animal Care, Blea Tarn Road, Scotforth, Lancaster, LA2 0RD.

She can be noisy at night and unfriendly unless she likes you; but is otherwise quite loveable and in need of a good home with outdoors access.

The other cat is from a different litter, but the two have always been together; however, he - River, - a neutered tom (the other being Mia - a spayed female) may have already been re-homed.

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