Want to Fix Urban Sprawl? Ditch the Cul-de-Sac Streets arranged in grids, with few dead-ends, encourage walking and transit. But in developing countries, growing cities are taking the opposite route. wired.com/story/fix-urban-spra /CitiesandInfrastructure

In the Walking Capitals of the World, Drivers Still Rule the Road In sub-Saharan Africa, about half of travelers move around by foot. Yet in its cities, conditions for pedestrians remain incredibly dangerous. wired.com/story/in-the-walking /CitiesandInfrastructure

Informal Transit Is Crucial for Some. Can It Weather Covid-19? The pandemic highlights the vulnerability of workers for private transportation services, which are essential to mobility in global south cities. wired.com/story/informal-trans /CitiesandInfrastructure -19

A Lawmaker Wants Fast Trains to Rev Up the US Economy Representative Seth Moulton of Massachusetts proposes spending $205 billion over 5 years to connect Chicago with Atlanta, Portland with Vancouver. wired.com/story/lawmaker-wants /CitiesandInfrastructure

Elon Musk Defies Lockdown Orders and Reopens Tesla's Factory The CEO sued a California county over the weekend and threatened to move the company to Texas—his latest tangle with government authorities. wired.com/story/elon-musk-defi /ElectricCars -19

The Pandemic Strands Some Ship Crews at Sea, Others On Shore Travel restrictions are blocking some marine workers from reaching their assigned ships. That's forcing others on extended tours. wired.com/story/pandemic-stran /CitiesandInfrastructure -19

Fantastical Plans Are on Hold, and More Car News This Week The Covid-19 pandemic will delay the arrival of flying cars, and Google sibling Sidewalk Labs abandons plans to remake part of Toronto's waterfront. wired.com/story/fantastical-pl /CarNews

Covid-19 Casts a Dark Cloud Over the Flying Car Future An economic slump is no good for a long shot business that's just starting to take off. wired.com/story/coronavirus-co /Aviation -19

Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs Scraps Its Ambitious Toronto Project The Google sibling envisioned a tech-enabled and eco-friendly neighborhood. But residents rebelled over plans to collect and use their data, among other things. wired.com/story/alphabets-side /CitiesandInfrastructure

As Cities Reopen, Outdoor Dining May Provide a Lifeline Restaurants are anxious to expand beyond takeout, and some researchers believe open-air transmission of the coronavirus is rare. wired.com/story/cities-reopen- /CitiesandInfrastructure -19

Sleeker Lidar Moves Volvo Closer to Selling a Self-Driving Car Using technology from Silicon Valley's Luminar, the Swedish automaker plans to offer completely autonomous highway driving by 2022. wired.com/story/sleeker-lidar- /Self-DrivingCars -DrivingCars

California Sues Uber and Lyft to Classify Drivers as Employees The state and 3 cities say the ride-hail companies are violating a new state law. The suit could lead to tens of millions of dollars in fines. wired.com/story/california-sue /RideHailing -demandeconomy

Covid-19 Spurs a Road Repair Boom—and Threatens a Bust Empty highways clear the way for speedier construction projects, but loss of fuel taxes could bring them to a halt. wired.com/story/covid-19-spurs /CitiesandInfrastructure -19

Fewer Wrecks, Grounded Planes, and More Car News This Week Stay-at-home orders mean less traffic and fewer serious crashes, saving lives and money. Plus, Elon Musk does it again. wired.com/story/fewer-wrecks-g /CarNews -19

Elon Musk Says Tesla Stock Is ‘Too High’—and It Quickly Falls An early-morning tweet punctuates a week in which the CEO has complained loudly and often about coronavirus-induced lockdowns. wired.com/story/elon-musk-tesl /ElectricCars

Jaguar Envisions Car Design for a Post-Pandemic World Julian Thomson, the automaker's director of design, shares his predictions for what drivers can look forward to. wired.com/story/jaguar-envisio /CarTechandReviews -19

Tesla Posts Another Profit as Musk Slams Virus Restrictions The CEO has criticized shelter-in-place orders, which have forced the closure of the company's California assembly plant. wired.com/story/tesla-posts-pr /ElectricCars

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