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Today’s gauge for how good of a deed and person you are, are measured in social media likes.

It might be illegal to be a content creator on YouTube without having a confused, shrugging thumbnail image on your tutorial video.

Hating should be considered a soft skill. Like put that shit on my resume.

They’ve normalized not knowing things well enough, then proceed to poison you with ideals of landing a job based on it.

It’s pretty irresponsible.

But mad followers so.. who am I to say anything.

Omg “wholesome” videos infuriate me

Is it even a good deed if someone doesn’t happen to be filming it?

“Water is wet”

Follow me for more great content, advice.

Also, in regard to Tech Influencers, it’s like they can’t help but make the same shitty jokes every other month.

“No I can’t hack your ex’s Facebook account”

Bro, you’re not special. And I’m pretty sure no ones ever asked you to.

Tech Influencers always coming out with like “follow me for great material” while they post feeds about array methods…

“Looking for a Junior Software Engineer with ten years experience in .NET”

Lol, please die.

As a journalist you have to know that when you quote Arnold Schwarzenegger in an article literally everyone’s gonna read it in his voice.

Dear Queens Doctors,

It’s not an appointment if you tell 7 people to show up at that time.

Fucking everyone.

Say what you will but if it weren’t for mosquitoes we’d have no idea what scratching a serious itch feels like.

Not sure how “slaps”, as in “brooo this shit slaps!”, became a thing. But it needs to go away...

Nothing to see here. Just a dad going to the store for cigarettes.. brb

What if all prophets were approached by the same God or entity but the message got lost in translation. Followed by a really bad game of telephone from generation to generation.

I’m no stranger to waking up with random songs stuck in my head. But this ones just strange...

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