@thor Beer is liquid bread... And if you can get to a rural area on your own and take in the nature, thats good for the pysci

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With every Kashmir case litigated in the Indian Supreme Court, the argument that the Indian state including the judiciary has neither the will nor the ability to redress fundamental human rights violations in Kashmir gets stronger. There are no "domestic" remedies for Kashmiris twitter.com/TheLeaflet_in/stat

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This app is imp to everyone to share info but privacy is our priority. 5cr people are use it- its a global record. We are the fastest app to reach 9.8 cr. We may also reach 10cr users

(this is what the govt is congratulating itself about .. as bodies are piling up)

If you can't achieve your goals, change the goalpost. Instead of a goal of saving lives (directly or indirectly due to COVID), the government has now changed the goal to 10crore users for an app with all your data, and self congratulating achievements by making it mandatory!

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@stux family and friends are tough. Just needed to get it out of me. As such, I am back.

Selective quoting to completely change the message. Even Goebbels couldn't have got such servitude from the press at that time.

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Nehru told Raja Rao: Enough of Rama, Krishna — 3,000 yrs of deities got us slavery, poverty

Read this from The Meaning of India, philosophical essays by Raja Rao


#Entérate #Colombia, en las se diagnosticaron 568 nuevos casos, 136 recuperados y 18 nuevos fallecidos. nuevo reporte, las cifras ascienden a 11.063 contagiados, 463 fallecidos y 2.705 recuperados. El número de fallecidos causados por el coronavirus en #Brasil llegó a 11.123, los casos confirmados ascienden ahora a 162.699, #11Mayo. En #Panamá, el COVID-19 ha dejado 244 muertos y 8.448 casos confirmados, aunque las autoridades admitieron que pueden haber rebrotes de la enfermedad

COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC - Last updated: May 11, 2020, 11:16 GMT.

Coronavirus Cases:



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This is the privilege that being a member of entitles you to. Chop off hands, set afire and kill a child, and the law can't touch you.


faccio l'occhiolino solo a chi pare a me
I wink only to ones I like

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