Finland's End of Military Neutrality a 'Mistake,' Putin Tells Finnish President 

Russia's President Vladimir Putin told his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinisto Saturday that Finland scrapping its military neutrality would be a "mistake," the Kremlin said.

"Putin stressed that the end of the traditional policy of military neutrality would be a mistake since there is no threat to Finland's security," the Kremlin said in a statement after a phone call between the two leaders.

Helsinki is expected to announce its NATO membership bid on Sunday.

"Such a change in the country's political orientation can have a negative impact on Russian-Finnish relations developed over years in a spirit of good neighborliness and cooperation between partners," the statement added.

Both leaders also touched on the situation in Ukraine, where Russia has been leading a military operation since Feb. 24.


Putin’s nuclear bombers fly near Ukraine border in sign of major escalation 

THIS is the chilling moment one of Vladimir Putin's nuclear bombers was caught flying close to the Ukrainian border in a major military escalation.

Putin's chilling warning to Russian 'traitors' and 'scum' is a sign things aren't going to plan 

Western leaders and security agencies are spending huge amounts of resources on getting into Russian President Vladimir Putin's head.

It's a futile exercise -- at times when the West has thought Russia's war in Ukraine might be losing steam, Putin has doubled down, sending his forces to bomb maternity hospitals and shelters harboring children.

Now, an apparent pause in the advancement of Russian troops has the West guessing: Has Russia's war effort stalled? Or is it a tactical regrouping?

Putin nuclear announcement "very unusual" but intended as "deterrence," top US intelligence official says 

President Vladimir ’s announcement that he was elevating the readiness status of his nuclear forces was “very unusual,” Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines told lawmakers on Tuesday, but she said that it was better understood as messaging rather than an immediate threat to the United States.

“We obviously take it very seriously when he's signaling in this way,” Haines said. “But we do think [that] he is effectively signaling, that he's attempting to deter” from getting involved in the conflict in , she said during testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. “That’s been his main purpose in doing so.”

Could or broker in ?

Israel appears to be emerging as a diplomatic dark horse. On Saturday, Prime Minister Naftali became the first world leader to meet with Vladimir since the invasion began. The surprise meeting was followed by talks with Ukrainian President .

Bennett then travelled on to – the second time this week the two leaders met, after visited Jerusalem on Wednesday to discuss a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Pariah Putin: Isolated and angry? | To the point 

's forces continue their advance on the capital Kiev and other key cities. The onslaught has had an unexpected side effect: Vladimir ’s war is uniting an often-divided world.

In New York the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly condemned the brutal onslaught. A slew of companies have closed down operations in Russia or divested themselves of Russian-related holdings elsewhere.

With harsh sanctions in place, Joe Biden says Putin is more isolated than ever before.

Our guests: Jessica Berlin (Geopolitical Expert), Christoph von Marschall (Der Tagesspiegel). Roman Goncharenko (DW).