So today it is Germany's turn to overshoot the renewable capacity of Earth. I don't know why we think that this will somehow work out and that technology will save us. Excessive consumption is a path to destruction.

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Seems a lot off to me! How come Finland with only 5.5 million population is doing worse than Brazil, China, Venezuela, or even Iraq?! It does not seem right to me. I need to see the calculations as numbers don't match other numbers:

Even if you consider the population, still it seems off (try adding Russia and USA to the mix and cross-check them with this overshoot thingy)

Yes, please study their website to understand the method and what it means. Though not without its criticisms (you'll even find a document discussing them) it has been checked and adopted by numerous governments and agencies (eg search Finland Sitra's website for 'overshoot'). Standard of living is high in Finland, generating a large ecological footprint. This is compared not to the biocapacity of Finland, but to the average biocapacity of the world. Then we in Europe are much worse than India or China. Our belief to be sustainability leaders is not matched by actual numbers - we are industrial and consumptions giants ...

It is the point "ecological footprint per person" in your link, compared to their bio capacity.
Explained in image description here
Your other source seems to ignore the export/import topic, too. @W_Lucht @ericireland

Easy peasy : you just need a whole bunch of the country to be extremely poor and bingo bongo bango your footprint -per capita- plummets

Finns have higher level of life, thus require extremely more infrastructures and resources to sustain their lifestyle.

@W_Lucht @ericireland

@jlapoutre @W_Lucht Australia was March 23. We really aren’t helping.

@W_Lucht what makes me sad is that even if we all lived as people actually live in jamaica, it would already be too much for earth :blob_spin:

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