What does Maharashtra's withdrawal of general consent for the CBI to operate in the state mean? Why does it have to take consent in the first place? And what investigations does it not need any prior consent for?

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.@OnReality_Check@twitter.com, questions arise over the arrest of Tribal Rights activist Stan Swamy, as top opposition leaders, including a sitting Chief Minister, come together to condemn the NIA's move.

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Every day, you think they can't possibly stoop lower, and every day, they find a way to do it.

If the COVID vaccine is to be free, it is to be free for everyone, regardless of whether they vote the BJP in. Disgraceful behaviour.

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As soon as vaccine will be available for production at a mass scale, every person in Bihar will get free vaccination. This is the first promise mentioned in our poll manifesto: Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman at the launch of BJP Manifesto for

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Just reuse pichle saal ke dabbe like everyone else, jeez.

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:A truck containing dry fruits worth around Rs 5 lakh, was robbed by three assailants after posing as sales tax officer in New Delhi’s Tilak Marg area.They dumped the driver in Ghazipur flyover and escaped with the vehicle. An FIR lodged, but no arrest. @IndianExpress@twitter.com

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Seeing CBI begin a probe, it's reasonable to see it as an attempt to hijack the Mumbai Police's investigation.

But neither Bombay HC nor SC are obliged to order this, despite the SC's order re

Says who? The SC itself!


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What exactly is the investigating with regard to manipulation? And do the courts actually have to make the hand over their investigation to them? @VakashaS@twitter.com explains.

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CBI registers case to probe TRP scam probe based on UP Govt’s recommendation.

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Not. Suspicious. At. All.

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CBI registers case to probe TRP scam probe based on UP Govt’s recommendation.

More details @ndtv@twitter.com

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I know the PM will not speak of the lakhs of children going to bed hungry, nor how to coordinate with States to make sure everyone is fed. Nor about the fact that some of the BJP's largest crony companies have made more money in the pandemic than they did before. twitter.com/karunanundy/status

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Take a moment and remind yourselves that polio was eradicated in India without this drama and ominous “platforms.” twitter.com/ralpharakal/status

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Voluntary ban gaya mandatory. But still voluntary. Only it will be mandatory.

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| New digital health ID will be used in Covid immunisation, says PM Modi


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Punjab Vidhan Sabha will tomorrow consider legislation to 'negate' the Centre's Farm Laws.

But what are their options? Can they modify them/pass their own laws contradicting Centre's? How can they get around the Doctrine of Repugnance?


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The Paris terrorism disgusts us. But this... we don’t even notice this.

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.@surbhi_karwa@twitter.com and I wrote on how provisions in the , esp the 30-day public notice, have become a roadblock, perverting the original intention of the law to enable interfaith/secular marriages.

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Bolivia won its democracy back. Didn't beg for international support. Didn't have the entire Western establishment behind it. It won it back despite the active efforts of the US to stop this. That's how popular a mass movement can be - very inspiring! twitter.com/Seamus_Malek/statu

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Sometimes, nice things can happen.

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Arce, leader of Morales' party, wins Bolivia election in 1st round: exit poll

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Some will be 'ineligible' to be sent to these concentration camps, without any prospect of release within this country or to another. Some will be 'eligible'. twitter.com/ndtv/status/131772

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