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"I just want my daughter back. Please bring my daughter back," 9-year-old Dalit minor's mother cries out, after her daughter was allegedly raped, murdered, and forcibly cremated. @TheQuint@twitter.com


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The rape-murder case is beyond horrifying. It's not only that the girl was just 9.

It's the impunity that these monsters thought they had, to do what they wanted with a Dalit girl, gaslight her mother, burn the body.

@DelhiPolice@twitter.com had better do their jobs, for once.

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A 9-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly raped, murdered and forcibly cremated by a priest and 3 other men in . Hundreds of women have gathered outside the crematorium, where the incident took place, demanding justice. Stay tuned to @TheQuint@twitter.com for updates on the case.

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Justify 4-year-long suspension of Dr. Kafeel Khan from Medical college: Allahabad High Court to Uttar Pradesh government

report by @Areebuddin14@twitter.com

Read story: bityl.co/8A1v

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Calling all legal professionals & volunteers- received a SOS request from Ashok Ji who’s lost his job as a legal clerk. Would be great if we could amplify in our circles & help him get back on his feet. Thank you 🌸🖤
@jai_a_dehadrai@twitter.com @Sid_Courtwala@twitter.com @thebharatchugh@twitter.com @vikramhegde@twitter.com

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Oh my god this is actually real. Perfection.

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this is the guy who won olympic gold in windsurfing :')

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| "ये याचिकाएं अहम हैं, क्योंकि ये उन लोगों ने दायर की है, जो कथित हैकिंग से व्यक्तिगत रूप से प्रभावित हुए हैं" | @VakashaS@twitter.com

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Important development on : 5 victims have now moved Supreme Court, arguing their right to privacy was violated.

This is big because previous PILs were filed by people not personally affected, whereas these petitioners were on the list.

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Five alleged Indian victims have moved the Supreme Court, asking for a declaration that its use against them amounted to illegal hacking. Here's how they've asked the SC to protect their right to privacy. Report by @VakashaS@twitter.com.

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This is an example of why no political party in India can make any claim to genuinely caring about civil liberties.

@derekobrienmp@twitter.com you spoke the other day of TMC's willingness to acknowledge its mistakes and correct them - this is a gross one that needs fixing

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Professor Who Forwarded Mamata Banerjee Cartoon Is Still Facing Charges Under a Scrapped Law, 66A of the IT Act.

@onlineGhosh@twitter.com reports

thewire.in/rights/mamata-baner via @thewire_in@twitter.com

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Welcome to academic freedom in New India.

Police in Madhya Pradesh says agreement should be made in advance by universities holding seminars “regarding the subject matter to be discussed and the ideas to be displayed.”

thewire.in/education/after-abv via @thewire_in@twitter.com

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Swiggy pays minimum 20rs/order. Increasing petrol prices, less orders, inflation is slowly killing us. Please raise your voice against this 🙏🙏. Our only hope is you. Consumer is the King!!
Show support by Retweeting 🔄🔄.
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The Chhattisgarh govt plans to take over, via a law, a financially-strapped medical college owned by a family into which Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s daughter has married.
Carry on, nothing to see here.
Conflict of interest is un-Indian anyway

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High on power , cops of JKP thrashed my parents in Batamaloo today around 5PM. Id card of my father has been taken away by cops and when my mother tried to intervene, she was also thrashed. One fails to understand how an elderly couple deserved this high handed behavior of JKP.

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We could not find a single child who was studying online in this Dalit hamlet of 100 houses. In Jharkhand, "offline children" have been dropped like hot potatoes.

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Father Stan Swamy’s “soft torture” was not accidental or caused by oversight. It was fully intended to be visible to all.

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WATCH: @NWM_India@twitter.com'ns - @annavetticad@twitter.com & @lax_always@twitter.com along with @jaynakothari@twitter.com, Jhuma Sen and @VakashaS@twitter.com discuss the verdict - WHO'S ON TRIAL HERE?


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