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β€œNo phone, how do we even book a slot for the vaccine?”

While some were busy playing β€˜fastest finger first’ on , there was another India where people don’t even know how to get themselves vaccinated against .

@Zijah_Sherwani@twitter.com’s report.


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For heaven's sake set this woman free

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Sudha Bharadwaj's 3 Co-Prisoners Tested COVID Positive : Daughter Moves Bombay High Court Seeking Release On Medical Grounds livelaw.in/news-updates/bombay

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for more on how israel promoted islamist groups like hamas to undermine the revolutionary socialist wing of the palestine liberation movement see this piece: wsj.com/articles/SB12327557229

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We have simplified a 569-page judgment on Maratha Reservations in our judgment matrix.

This provides the outcomes of each opinion across 6 legal issues.

Link to the full matrix is here: scobserver.in/the-desk/maratha

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Please read the Fourth Geneva Convention, specifically the definition of an Occupying Power, and the obligations of such powers.

We may be powerless, in the moment, to prevent this violence.

We can at least reiterate that it is neither legal nor legitimate.

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Many of you will have seen the excellent interview this man gave on @CNN@twitter.com about . And now he's been thrown out of his own neighborhood.

Israel is behaving as monstrously as every old European colonial power. For shame.

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Sheikhb Jarrah resident @m7mdkurd@twitter.com was just attacked and kicked out of his entire neighbourhood by Israeli forces!

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I was stopped at each point, even on the road, while reporting on a story on the working conditions of the construction workers at the Central Vista project. After criticism, taking photos/videos at the site has been prohibited! My ground report for @TheQuint@twitter.com twitter.com/TheQuint/status/13

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What exactly do we want the Palestinian people in occupied East Jerusalem to do in the face of these blatantly illegal actions by Israeli authorities?

You may condemn what Hamas is doing from Gaza, but there is no doubt what Israel is doing in is unconscionable.

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Here's how efforts to remove Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem fits into the pattern of ongoing colonialism.

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A Hindu sect with close ties to the ruling party got Dalit labor workers on false pretenses to the US to build a temple

Only to pay them $1/day, seize their passports & keep them locked up in inhuman conditions.

Is this the Hinduphobia they speak of?


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Yaar kya fattu fascists hai yeh log

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"No Photography
No Video Recording"
Board installed at the construction site of Central Vista Project, near India Gate New Delhi.


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Excellent resource for journalists experiencing emotional exhaustion covering covid.
Please see @revathii95@twitter.com @legaljournalist@twitter.com @LiveLawIndia@twitter.com @VakashaS@twitter.com @kapur_ritu@twitter.com @AbhinandanSekhr@twitter.com @MnshaP@twitter.com @LandConflicts@twitter.com @nit_set@twitter.com @Sushmitav1@twitter.com @ChitrangadaC@twitter.com @prabha_j@twitter.com @RanaAyyub@twitter.com twitter.com/MandakiniGahlot/st

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Between April'15 and March'19 the Delhi govt did NOT commission a single new hospital.

16 hospitals were under construction or had been launched, under the Delhi Govt, in 2013. NONE are fully functional, even today, in 2021!

Reports @poonamjourno@twitter.com


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1. BBMP has said it will reinstate 17 Muslim suspended employees.
2. Six doesn't want to return.
3. Police have not found any evidence against them.
4. Tejasvi Surya still hasn't apologised for reading out the 16 names, leading to his followers calling them 'terrorists' twitter.com/ArunDev1/status/13

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Last Monday, we @Agami_In@twitter.com along with a bunch of others started work on @ruralindia_help@twitter.com - to list the hundreds of org & ppl led initiatives in rural India helping with COVID 19 in rural India.

They need our urgent attention & support check out ruralindia.help!

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SOS Indore: An order issued by the Indore administration under Section 144(1) of the CrPC has prohibited COVID-related speech on social media, stifling free speech and relief work. We have filed an application seeking its withdrawal.

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Oh wow, kudos to @ArunDev1@twitter.com for showing up @Tejasvi_Surya@twitter.com for the squelchy turd that he is. This blithering idiot is what the right wing want as a leader?

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Proud of my colleagues in Bengaluru.

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