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Electoral bonds worth ₹1,200+ crore sold & encashed between Jan-Mar 2022. More than 95% bonds were of ₹1 crore denomination. Large anonymous funds influencing election results. Gross violation of voters’ right to know as Supreme Court continues to look the other way.

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No no, claims we're on the path to genocide are overblown. This is completely innocuous, non-threatening behaviour.

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Went to see Kashmir files. Charged atmosphere inside the theatre. RW sloganeering at the end.

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And don't forget this absolute gem either: the believes a regulation banning religious items of clothing is meant to create 'safe spaces' for students. 🤷

These are some very strong feelings about the importance of uniforms.

After first saying we can't imagine schools without uniforms (?), the also says this.

Chaos in the society at large? Really?

Sorry what now?

The 's take on freedom of expression and privacy is a bit bizarre, to say the least.


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How long before the hijab judgment is misused at a hospital or bank or while boarding public transport

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I think we all know what's going to be unleashed across the country because of this. One could say the Supreme Court could do something about that, but, well.

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It was pretty clear from day 1, with that staggeringly bad interim order, that the Karnataka High Court was not going to protect Muslim girl students' wearing of .

Operative part of final decision 👇, details of reasoning to follow when it's out.

The question he had to decide was whether these allegations were reasonable grounds to believe that committed terror offences under .

In his opinion, these allegations did not add up to terror offences, hence granting bail to her not barred by 43D(5) UAPA.

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These are the things that judge Rawat found the police to have accused of in the charge sheet (para 11 of the order):

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On prima facie consideration of the police's allegations against , without going into evidence, court found that bail could be granted.

Basically, judge has held that the police's allegations against her don't add up to *terror offences* under UAPA.

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Details of Ishrat Jahan's bail order by judge Amitabh Rawat in Delhi Riots conspiracy case 👇

Acc to police's own chargesheet
- Not involved in creation of chakka jaams or any conspiracy meetings
- Only involved in Khureji protest site, not in NE Delhi

Ahead of the Karnataka High Court decision in the case tomorrow at 10:30 am, do give this comprehensive explainer by @mekhala_saran@twitter.com for @TheQuint@twitter.com a read.

Covers all the major arguments raised with links to detailed reports on hearings + analysis

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| "India has had 558 internet shutdowns since 2012, often where the authorities don't really need to impose one. The has passed only the second order against this growing trend," write Jahnavi Sindhu & Vikram Aditya Narayan.

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I write with @jahnavi_sindhu@twitter.com about the positives in a recent Calcutta HC order staying an internet shutdown twitter.com/TheQuint/status/15

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Waiting to see details of the bail order for . A trial court, granting bail in a UAPA case?

Remember that when it comes to bail on merits, under Section 43D(5), the court CANNOT grant bail if there are reasonable grounds to say police case is prima facie true


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Suraksha was one of the poll planks for the BJP in UP.

So I traveled 1800 kms across UP to find out what happened to hate crimes/mob lynchings to see how it resonates. My findings:

Not one trial has finished, not one accused punished. @Article14live@twitter.com


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We documented 418 acts of hate in since Akhlaq’s lynching in 2015. @TheQuint@twitter.com's team has worked very hard to compile and present this interactive. Do see thequint.com/quintlab/acts-of-

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