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“We live in capitalism, its power seems inescapable – so did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings.”

Ursula K. Le Guin

(National Book Awards, 2014)

“The idea behind it was that cats are cats, no matter where they are. So when we set out for the stars, we will no doubt take our pets, and cats being cats, if there are windows, there will be cats sitting in those windows.”

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Ship’s Cat
Keith Spangle (revised version, 2017)

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Exploring Norwegian fjords in Flåm. I have never seen anything like this before. Rugged, powerful, massive, snow-capped mountains reaching 1km altitude (while it's warm t-shirt weather where we are), waterfalls and streams running down near vertical rock faces, the beautiful and clear water of the fjord flowing in the groove cut into the mountains. Here are some pictures

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Here's a crazy thought, maybe if we stopped trying to meet fascists halfway and instead called them out on their bullshit, we'd be less "politically divided."

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SCOTUS, US politics 

Not just this upcoming ruling:

The Republican party with gerrymandering, restricting the minority and Democratic vote - all with the aid of the courts - is determined to win elections by any means, fair or foul, destroy democracy and install a de facto dictator (Trump or DeSantis).

Restricting minority voting, restricting the educational system's ability to teach the truth about racism in this country, passing a plethora of anti LGBTQ laws, banning books, and now this upcoming ruling... And they are just getting started. Wait and see what happens when they take over Congress...

As far as women's rights or anyone else's rights, they are determined to set the US back 75 years.

What we are seeing is the beginning of authoritarian rule.

The bad guys are winning, and, alas, I don't think they can be stopped.

The conditions for my work are not in my hands but fortunately they are not in yours either – Mladen Stilinović, 1979.

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I filtered out caturday from my home stream, and suddenly it all bit dried up. Apparently Mastodon chose the wrong mascot.

This platform is different than the others, ok, but... except for the cat content. They’re unbeatable; where’s internet, there are cats, till the end of time.

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How it looks like when a satellite (or something else in low-earth orbit) photo-bombs your telescope imaging session.

The line going from the top middle to the left middle is the satellite traveling through the field of view during the exposure of the photo.

And with new satellite constellations being launched (like #starlink) this will happen a lot more often and will become harder to "fix" in post-processing

#astronomy #satellite #space #astrophotography

Cool move, European Union institutions started a instance: @EU_Commission

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“But the 8-hour workday is too profitable for big business, not because of the amount of work people get done in eight hours (the average office worker gets less than three hours of actual work done in 8 hours) but because it makes for such a purchase-happy public. Keeping free time scarce means people pay a lot more for convenience, gratification, and any other relief they can buy. It keeps them watching television, and its commercials. It keeps them unambitious outside of work. We’ve been led into a culture that has been engineered to leave us tired, hungry for indulgence, willing to pay a lot for convenience and entertainment, and most importantly, vaguely dissatisfied with our lives so that we continue wanting things we don’t have. We buy so much because it always seems like something is still missing.”
— Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed

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I was reminded today that I need to promote one of my favourite but often unknown #SciFi authors: Carolyn Ives Gilman

I first read Halfway Human and absolutely loved it, it was ahead of its time (and as all older things of course is slightly behind the times but still worth reading).

But Dark Orbit is what you might want to pick up and read right now. If you like Le Guin, there's a very good chance you'll enjoy Gilman.

I read some other shorter works as well, which are also great.

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War in Ukraine shitpost 

So who had Russia using war dolphins on their 2022 bingo card?

“A sickness known as hate. Not a virus, not a microbe, not a germ—but a sickness nonetheless, highly contagious, deadly in its effects. Don't look for it in the Twilight Zone—look for it in a mirror. Look for it before the light goes out altogether.”

— Rod Serling

Socialism could never work because people are naturally selfish, so we’ll have trickle-down capitalism because people are naturally selfless.

Ellen Ripley was born in 2092 at Olympia colony on Moon.

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The more I know about the scientific publishing system (mainly how to steal citizen's money), the more I'm convinced about the necessity of a communist revolution.

Plus j'en sais sur le monde de la publication académique, plus je suis convaincu de la nécessité d'une révolution communiste.

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Interesting explanation why there's no quote toot function on mastodon. (Just gonna try to do it manually to see if it works this way.)

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