tfw Mozilla goes in on crypto nonsense, and the original creators of the Firefox browser call them out on their bullshit.

@TheFerridge indeed. I think it's the first time I've seen either of them intervene like this.

They're right of course, but at this point the horse has already bolted. Mozilla Corporation often pushes decisions on Mozilla Foundation because they care more about $$$ than sticking to the morals that underpin Firefox and Thunderbird.

@TrechNex Mozilla gets so much of their funding from Google, it's surprising to me they manage to have any morals at all.

@handle @TrechNex That’s the problem Mozilla is trying to fix. They’re in a desperate spot, and they are throwing things against the wall to see what sticks in terms of finding funding.

I don’t like crypto either. However, Mozilla is sinking fast, and will probably be done once the current Google deal runs out.

@jollyrogue @handle @TrechNex

This is a really good point.

I think the end result looks really bad optically all in all, even though the opensource crowd is so small the damage is minimal the controversy around crypto is large enough that it can be damaging

But all in all, boycotting firefox right now is pretty stupid as it means pushing a browser no one can use unless it's chrome and there is a reason that firefox is the last relevant one standing besides google and that is their choicesB-)


I agree, I won't be boycotting Firefox, partly because it just works so much better, partly because I don't see *accepting* crypto as that bad in the scheme of things.

cc @jollyrogue @TrechNex


then you don't have the same position as me xD My point is pragmatism and being smart, not being dumb 😁

@jollyrogue @TrechNex

@jollyrogue @handle @TrechNex Maybe that's for the better? Last I saw a lot of their funds went into things like executive pay and other nonsense rather than product development.

@murks @handle @TrechNex That’s always a bad look.

I not sure anyone else would pick up the development of FF, and I’m not sure the community could continue it.

Although, it’s not like most people care to use a browser not backed by a big tech name.

@TrechNex @TheFerridge They haven’t been paying attention and don’t see how desperate of a position Mozilla is in. There isn’t a revenue stream outside of Google funding Mozilla, and while cryptocurrencies are scummy, they aren’t Google money.

FF and Mozilla are probably dead in the next few years regardless unfortunately. Chrome is the standard and Google owns the web per the masses. 😞🤷🏽‍♂️

@jollyrogue @TheFerridge yeah, I was gutted to see each round of staff lay-offs in recent years, while the people at the top of Mozilla Corporation keep paying themselves generous bonuses. 😬

I have been keeping an eye on projects like LibreWolf and Waterfox in case I need to jump ship, but I'm kind of hoping that if Mozilla Corporation collapses, then maybe there's still a path for Mozilla Foundation.

If not, then I'd settle for GNOME Foundation, Software Freedom Conservancy, or a similar organisation to take over the management of Firefox & Thunderbird.

@TrechNex @jollyrogue @TheFerridge if GNOME foundation took over Firefox it would be dead within the year lmao

@TrechNex @TheFerridge @TheFerridge Chill out. A small team in the foundation tried something out because it was a frequently requested thing (sadly) and whether they had any knowledge or opinion about the ins and outs of crypto they created a nice big PR shit storm. Doesn't mean the foundation as a whole has gone evil tech bro or that the corporation is pushing for cash. The corp answers to the foundation, not the opposite, and doesn't get any of the donated money

@TrechNex @TheFerridge it's fun to watch the anger inside and outside Mozilla. At least internally people are baffled but not assuming evil intent or making conspiracies up that's okayish i guess.. the bigger problem is the dumb way they advertise it in that tweet but this is an org for foss stuff, they shouldn't be this "corporate" i think..

@vib @TrechNex Oh Microsoft could totally make bland tweets about their software, but instead they choose to do the "PR guy" approach
@TrechNex at least they haven't implemented some kind of crypto money nft BS actually IN the browser...


Do they even want to keep their userbase, or are they just alienating everyone until we use chrome?

@TrechNex jwz can be a monumental asshole at times, but I deeply, -deeply- appreciate when he does stuff like this because he isn't afraid to speak his mind. Same thing with Eich (no idea about Linns)


I think cryptocurrencies are harming our planet. Paypal is also bad, but it mainly harms my privacy and I have the choice to use it or pay differently. On the other hand, cryptocurrency transactions harm all of us, every single one of us, without me having the possibility to stop or escape it myself.



Not respecting L2 solutions.
A lot of estimations are made.
The estimated values vary by factor 4-5.
Top notch study

And there are L1s that use the power of a few hundred servers and compensate the carbon dioxide.
Namely Avalanche.

@starborn @TrechNex @werwolf

@starborn @TrechNex @werwolf

Please help ground me in my thinking.

I compare cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies when analyzing energy usage. Fiat currencies come with a hefty ecological and human price tag due to their reliance on the worldwide system of state violence.

If I earn and spend USD for instance, I am complicit in validating the Doctrine of Discovery, Munroe Doctrine, NATO, NAFTA, the CIA, etc. All those policies and institutions contribute to war and policing. All are instrumental in the theft of Turtle Island by settler states and corporations.

Isn't using and supporting USD equivalent to supporting American imperialism? Or EUROs equivalent to European neoimperiallism through trade agreements?

@TrechNex >i founded mozilla
but he left it and now he can enjoy the consequences of his actions

@TrechNex I think that accepting cryptocurrencies as a donation method isn't that bad, even if I personally hate them. Paypal is just as harmful.

@werwolf @TrechNex is it really? (not rhetorical, i've heard all sorts of horrible things about its owners)

even so, while ideally they should just tell people to mail cheques or something, paypal's big enough that it makes some sense to accommodate people who might be effectively stuck in their system, while cryptopoly money is more of a marked unforced free decision to support

@werwolf A donation is better than no donation I suppose, but I'm not sure I necessarily agree with that assertion.

PayPal is bad because it uses proprietary JavaScript and charges fees some might consider to be excessive.

Cryptocurrencies are bad because they rely on investors recruiting people (who could theoretically become penniless bag carriers) to make profit from them. The maintenance of crypto is also bad for the environment when you factor in proof of work and mining farms.

@TrechNex @werwolf Capitalism is bad for the environment, period. Paypal and Crypto are in the same boat there.

@werwolf @TrechNex I think the criticism has more to do with the energy use and how accepting it makes crypto-currency seem normal and legit. Paypal has some serious detractors but a transaction there does not produce the equivalent C0² as a transcontinental flight.

I'm a bit suprised of my perception of the perception of other evolded over time. It was once seemingly seen as a kind otopia for a bankless world, and then, there were the environmental problem, and now NFTs are coming on top. Definitively something I should read a bit more on this subject (and how this apply to GNU Taler, the tool for digital cryptographic exchange)

@TrechNex As someone who has been contributing $$ regularly to Mozilla, I was surprised and disappointed by the tweet. I want to support an alternative to the Chromium/WebKit hegemony, and many of their other initiatives have been well-grounded ethically. But this was one hell of a head scratcher.

@dbs May I ask, why did you donate to Mozilla? Their CEO gets 2,4 Mio USD yearly at least. Mozilla’s corporate structure is fucked up. @TrechNex

@frumble @dbs @TrechNex i think it's worth paying someone 2.5 million a year to just not be Brendan Eich

@dbs Chrome stopped using WebKit almost a decade ago. It now uses Blink.

@sindastra Right. Konqueror -> WebKit -> Blink. Forks of forks.

@TrechNex I really don't see a problem with accepting cyptocurrency donations.

Just as long as they don't start a blockchain which doesn't actually need blockchain for anything other than investor $$$$.... As long as they don't start treating NFTs as DRM....

Fully agree. They need cash like we all need some to make our living.
If they would accept Lithium or Gold or US Dollar ;-) everywhere is blood on it.

Imagine spending the shitstorm time as coding time to contribute to firefox, thunderbird ...

@caliandroid @alcinnz my thoughts on the matter are over here:

tl;Dr: A donation is better than no donation, but there are probably better ways to do it.

@TrechNex @caliandroid @alcinnz okay lmao, now im curious, what are some "better ways to do it"? Does Mozilla just start accepting mail-order donations? Is that better for the environment? Or maybe they accept wire transfers, that's a real open source solution!

@smoldesu @TrechNex @caliandroid Depending on the country (i.e. not US I gather, so Mozilla probably isn't interested) they could work with banks to support the payto: URI scheme standardized by the IETF...

@caliandroid @alcinnz @TrechNex I mean ideally crypto is going to collapse in tax season next year anyway, what's a few more rainforests on fire until then? /s

Enabling this BS is a problem and the more ostensibly legitimate enterprises that do so, the more uneducated people contribute to a mounting global catastrophe we're already walking a tightrope on. Crypto is bad. End of story.

@bluestarultor @alcinnz @TrechNex

If you say "Crypto" is bad, you miss the separation between Cryptocurrencies (by the way not so "crypto" as it sounds) and cryptography (the holy grail of privacy).

So i better skip cryptocurrencies and continue my SUV-4 long-distance-travels-a-year- 50m² per person-netflix-binge-streaming-lifestyle and just don't look up? ;-)

@caliandroid @alcinnz @TrechNex Difference being one is the thing we're talking about and the other isn't. ;)

And don't pretend that blockchain isn't on top of all the other waste. It is, and it's adding the carbon emissions of an entire country every year on its own, having completely undone the effects of decades of renewable energy for digital Monopoly money.

@alcinnz @TrechNex on the one hand, i agree, on the other i'm half expecting this exact sort of thing to happen before the end of the calendar year

@alcinnz However, there's a difference between accepting it if offered, and actively soliciting it.

@TrechNex Bro, you need to fix your fonts rendering. This looks horrible.

@frumble true. I'm using the Flatpak version of Firefox on Debian 11, and this seems to happen when I view Twitter or use the "Reader View".

My guess is it's probably the default font I need to change, but if you've got any tips then let me know 🙂

@TrechNex Twitter is using web fonts. It’s your rendering. Maybe try deleting ~.fonts.conf
If this doesn’t work, your global settings are the problem, or Debian is using a very outdated FreeType config.

@frumble after a bit of Googling and experimentation, it turns out that this is a known issue with the Flatpak version of Firefox :picardfacepalm:

The workaround was to create a file at this location with exactly this content:

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