tfw Mozilla goes in on crypto nonsense, and the original creators of the Firefox browser call them out on their bullshit.

UPDATE: Mozilla have walked back accepting cryptocurrency donations, mostly because of the public shitstorm.

Predictably, angry cryptobros are now screaming at them in hopes of getting them to walk back the walk back.

@TrechNex at least they haven't implemented some kind of crypto money nft BS actually IN the browser...


Do they even want to keep their userbase, or are they just alienating everyone until we use chrome?

@TrechNex jwz can be a monumental asshole at times, but I deeply, -deeply- appreciate when he does stuff like this because he isn't afraid to speak his mind. Same thing with Eich (no idea about Linns)
@TrechNex >i founded mozilla
but he left it and now he can enjoy the consequences of his actions

I'm a bit suprised of my perception of the perception of other evolded over time. It was once seemingly seen as a kind otopia for a bankless world, and then, there were the environmental problem, and now NFTs are coming on top. Definitively something I should read a bit more on this subject (and how this apply to GNU Taler, the tool for digital cryptographic exchange)

@TrechNex As someone who has been contributing $$ regularly to Mozilla, I was surprised and disappointed by the tweet. I want to support an alternative to the Chromium/WebKit hegemony, and many of their other initiatives have been well-grounded ethically. But this was one hell of a head scratcher.

@dbs May I ask, why did you donate to Mozilla? Their CEO gets 2,4 Mio USD yearly at least. Mozilla’s corporate structure is fucked up. @TrechNex

@frumble @dbs @TrechNex i think it's worth paying someone 2.5 million a year to just not be Brendan Eich

@dbs Chrome stopped using WebKit almost a decade ago. It now uses Blink.

@sindastra Right. Konqueror -> WebKit -> Blink. Forks of forks.

@TrechNex I really don't see a problem with accepting cyptocurrency donations.

Just as long as they don't start a blockchain which doesn't actually need blockchain for anything other than investor $$$$.... As long as they don't start treating NFTs as DRM....

@alcinnz @TrechNex on the one hand, i agree, on the other i'm half expecting this exact sort of thing to happen before the end of the calendar year

@alcinnz However, there's a difference between accepting it if offered, and actively soliciting it.

@TrechNex Bro, you need to fix your fonts rendering. This looks horrible.

@TrechNex the How Do You Do Fellow Kids energy radiating off that post is painful

@TrechNex the last (crypto) nails in the Firefox coffin ? sad

@TrechNex For anyone trying to find this thread of replies from original Firefox creators to Mozilla accepting crypto donations:

(The image caption was kind of hard to read.)

(For anyone who was curious, confirmed Peter Linss as pioneer of the stylesheet system via , jwz of Mozilla via )

cryptocritical, referenes to illicit stuff, etc. 

@digitalfox @TrechNex ugh...don't make my mistake and view the hidden replies to thes Mozilla pioneers. This one reply basically sums it up so you can avoid the rest:

"You're both idiots then aren't you. They're asking for donations in cryptocurrencies people already have. They aren't selling or promoting anything. Get a fucking grip."

Which is essentially similar to "you idiots they are only accepting cocaine, assault rifles and conflict diamonds that already exist as's not like they are MAKING or SELLING them get a grip" and it boggles the mind how people cannot see the concerns here even if they disagree with the stance.

Also this crowd is largely the same crowd who venerate the likes of RMS or Brendan Eich as being Holy Hackers beyond reproach but do not hesitate to sling slurs at other pioneers of computing who do not share their world view. I know it takes effort to be a *consistently* critical thinker but they could at least try. Whaaaa punaise ! Quand est-ce qu'on aura un beau fork de Firefox vraiment viable et tout ? 😥 Ben je ne dis pas le contraire, mais moi je voudrais un navigateur autant connu que Mozilla quand même… Sachant que c'est très peu !

Parce que Mozilla Firefox c'est notre seul espoir pas trop geek face à Chromium

@zorglub @TrechNex à titre perso j’ai quitté le navire pour Vivaldi

@TrechNex omg this is so sad to see, what has Mozilla become

@TrechNex fully in with you on this one. That one salty guy in the comments can seethe. Everyone that says “it’s good for donations” just ain’t seeing the bigger picture. It’s a waste of time (unless you’re buying illegal weapons off the dark web, I’ll give them that. But other than that I don’t see a need for bitcoin or mining or crypto at all).

Updated Law of Software Envelopment: "Every program attempts to expand until it can be founded with cryptocurrencies. Those programs which cannot so expand are replaced by ones which can." 😒

@TrechNex I really don't know what to say. Cryptocurrencies aren't freak but Mozilla should listen to the peopşe that created it.

@TrechNex Yet again looking hard at leaving FF after ages of it being my preferred browser.
Any suggestions?
I’m not a fan of Chrome for a few reasons, had some glitching issues with Brave… not sure what else may be worth trying out.

@reay @TrechNex Falkon isn't perfect but it lacks some of the more glaring imperfections of other browsers out there currently by my reckoning at least.
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