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Apparently I never did one of these when I set up this account, and now there's a huge influx of disaffected Twitter users landing in the federated timeline. Whoops! 😅

Summary of my Linux-heavy tech industry career:

Handy links if you like old computers and retro gaming:

I have also been known to raise an eyebrow at current affairs, get drunk watching Eurovision, and reshare r/technicallythetruth posts as "Thought of the day" toots.

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As I have now ported my Gemlog post providing an update on the status of @glimpse to the wider web, I'm making this a new pinned post. 🙂​


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Pinned post to ward off ne'er-do-wells 

I am not American, do not live in the United States of America, and do not vote in their elections.

Global heating is a real emergency that requires concrete action from the world's governments.

Trans rights are human rights.

Black lives matter.

Women belong in the games industry.

Billionaires are not your friend.

Elon Musk is a salesperson that inherited money from his dad's mining company, not a genius inventor.

Blockchain is a solution looking for a problem.

Nazis will be blocked on sight. Nazi sympathisers will be soft-blocked and muted.

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meta / LGBTQ+ support + 

The fun part about being on the fediverse for a while is that "new influx" cycles are not exactly alike, but they do follow similar patterns. 🙂​

For example in a few months' time, I'm expecting a surprising number of newcomers to reveal that they have actually been closeted and/or repressed LGBTQ+ people their whole lives because they didn't comprehend it was a valid option.

It turns out that when LGBTQ+ people are free to share their lived experiences without immediately being closed down by a loud and angry straight person with "moral objections", it cracks a few eggs and drops a few pennies! 😂​

In news that doesn't surprise many, Google is shutting down Stadia and refunding everyone's digital purchases on that platform.

UK news / birdsite link / near miss 

According to Sky News, the Bank of England had to intervene to stop everyone's pensions collapsing. So... things are going "great" 😬

Thought of the day 

There are twelve seconds in a year. One for each month!

UK monarchy shitpost 

The 'C' and 'R' in King Charles III's new monogram look like they're having a wail of a time. I hope they're using protection!

UK politics / Tory psychodrama 

Apparently Tory MPs have started sending letters of no confidence in Liz Truss to the 1922 committee over Kwasi Kwarteng's completely bananapants mini-budget.

Liz Truss has been in charge for 20 days, and due to Queen Elizabeth II's funeral has only actually been governing as Prime Minister for less than a week. 👀

It would be pretty mental if Boris Johnson was back in by Christmas.

UK politics / it's basically screwed 

We have an incredibly wonky voting system. CGP Grey made a good video about it here:

Under current rules, the Tories win landslides with a minority of the popular vote because they keep conservative votes under one party tent. The left is fractured across several parties, and the more of them that contest a seat, the easier it is for the Tories because they need fewer votes to win.

At this year's Labour party conference, there has been a big push for electoral reform. Smaller parties on the left have even offered to form an electoral pact to elect a Labour government that would enact electoral reform.

But Sir Keir Starmer (leader of opposition) is in a difficult situation. If he backs electoral reform then the right wing press will spook conservative voters he's trying to win over. If he doesn't back electoral reform, then support will bleed away to smaller parties. Either way he loses, and we don't get electoral reform! 🤦‍♂️​

Open question about mouse behaviour in recent years 

Just checking with other human beings in case I'm doing something foolish, but has it somehow become harder to use a mouse in recent years??

When I used to use a mouse, a single click did a single click, a double-click did a double click, and pressing and holding down single click allowed you to highlight an area, drag or resize something.

On modern operating systems they seem to have decided that a click-pause-click is a double-click, and this seems to break the normal behaviour. I end up double-clicking things more often, and the click-and-drag action seems to have an above 50% chance of being interpreted as a single or double click.

When it starts doing that, you also find yourself in the weird situation of not being able to click & drag a window or resize it, because that operation is also just interpreted as two single clicks.

No amount of mouse swapping or reconfiguring how the mouse works seems to fix it on Windows or Linux.

Thought of the day 

Egg salad is also chicken salad.

Bananas? IN PYJAMAS?!

They're coming down your stairs. 😱​

Birdsite: AVATAR!

Me: wait... What year is this??

*Some googling later*

OH! They re-screened it because they're releasing a sequel and nobody can remember the incredibly forgettable plot.

(It was Dances With Wolves in space, and was mostly sold on the hype of watching it in 3D without cardboard glasses and paid reviews claiming it was a masterpiece)

If you don't tell your significant other that they're special, then an Amazon recruiter on LinkedIn will

UK news & politics / doom and gloom / this is why I drink 

The reason for my zany humour today is that today's mini-budget in the UK has both confused and frightened me.

On the one hand, I'm apparently getting a bunch of very minor tax cuts.

On the other hand, economists think this is a terrible idea and won't stop my country's economy from both imploding and then collapsing while rich people rob us all blind and then retire abroad.

The cheese has fully slid off the Tory government's cracker, they're trying to buy the next election, and it's all basically going to shit again.


If you're wondering why some of the people around you are purple, that's because it's bi visibility day.

Don't let them know you've seen them though or they'll devour your soul.


Phew, that was close! I very nearly fell down an online rabbit hole when I saw someone posting about an "uncanny valley" and wondered what it was. 👀

(It's the hypothesis that we're biologically wired to reject objects that look too much like IRL humans. Apparently it's not a proven theory and is very much in dispute)

Apparently the Dilbert cartoon has just been dropped from 77 newspapers after a 33 year run, and Scott Adams is reacting about as well as you'd expect him to 😂​

Now that I've seen quill18's saved stream on it, I'm tempted to give Prison Architect another go at some point. 🤔​

I've only played it the once not long after it was first released, and I remember being so disgusted by the tutorial level's clumsy attempts to moralise putting a prisoner to death that I never played it again afterwards. 😅​

The only other game that's ever affected me like that was Final Fantasy Tactics on the Game Boy Advance. I got Montblanc killed instead of knocked out, and it apparently didn't occur to me that I could "save scum" to bring him back. 😂​

Topical computer joke that was shamelessly stolen from birdsite 

Why do Russian oligarchs like Linux and Mac so much?

Because being near Windows has become an occupational hazard...


Today in middle England nonsense, someone living in Oxfordshire sends a letter to the Guardian suggesting that you can save money on your heating bill by not being poor. 👍

Ukraine / nuclear threat / bad media reporting 

It is concerning that military experts interviewed by the media keep talking about NATO's first strike doctrine, but often don't mention that a) the US did not nuke Vietnam when they lost that conventional war & b) even if Russia thinks the same way, no amount of Kremlin propaganda is going to convince ordinary Russians that nuking Ukraine is the right thing to do.

The more likely outcome *seems* to be that Russia will annex as much land as it can, sue for peace, then try to spin that as a victory.

The West will also spin that as a victory on the grounds that Russia failed to achieve regime change, what's left of Ukraine would be in our political orbit, and it would have been made clear to the Kremlin that they shouldn't believe their own propaganda about NATO being irrelevant or fragmented.

Ukraine will probably have to grudgingly accept that they have a smaller country to govern & a lot of rebuilding to do.

Re: UK politics / Europe / BBC link 

Also, in case it needed clarifying, I voted against Brexit in 2016.

I didn't have particularly strong feelings either way at the time, but I definitely did not trust the grandiose promises being made on the side of buses. 😅

Unfortunately it's a mistake we're going to have to live with for quite some time.

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