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Some observations from last week´s #InnoTrans, the world´s biggest trade fair for rail stuff.

A short thread, probably.

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its kinda misleading since the dark red and purple lines show the terminal temperature right before the esp32 decided it's time to switch air direction. i will probably add average temperatures to have a more meaningful chart
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we should build like trams that can go fast on like >30km long lines stretching far out from cities to villages

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It's been a few years and I feel it's safe to say: removing the feed icon from browsers was one of the biggest net-negative impacts to the decentralized web we've seen

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@cwebber The murder of RSS feeds and RSS feed readers like Google Readers gave room to algorithm-fed news posting and the rise of fake news networks, change my mind.

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This year has been an awful year, but I think the worst is behind us because:

- Europe has found alternative energy sources to Russia
- The tide of war has turned in Ukraine
- CPI inflation (probably) won't hit double digits

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Daily reminder for you all to *always* carry around a marker pen with you so when you see stuff like anti-COVID/Nazi/right-wing BS in public, you can graffiti over it

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Vor 4 Jahren wurden zwei Reporter von Neonazis aus dem Umfeld von Szene-Größe Thorsten Heise angegriffen. Staatsanwaltschaft und Justiz hatten es nicht eilig mit der Anklage.

Wegen einer angeblichen Beteiligung an einer Plakataktion kam es nun bei einem kritischen Journalisten zu einer Hausdurchsuchung – zwei Tage vor dem Urteil im Fretterode-Prozess.
Der Journalist war nachweislich nicht vor Ort, aber niemand hatte ihn befragt.

#pressefreiheit #bummeljustiz

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Ceefax weather map


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The people who ran to the Fediverse because they were kicked off other platforms due to crazy ramblings give off the same energy as the people who shout random stuff out on city streets at 4 AM.
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If you follow #Visegrad24 on any social media, this is a must-read (if you don’t follow, just be cautious of this source):

It was this account from which the recent scandal involving Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin began. Visegrad24 published the first video, recorded at a party attended by the politician. Until today, it is not clear from whom the administrators of the account received the video or for what purpose it was sent to them. This is significant because the action of anonymously sharing videos with Sanna Marin may have been planned and coordinated by Marin’s internal or external political opponents, such as the Kremlin.

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Not sure which parts these are and it sounds but cruel to mix students into nuts, but hey.
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put on the cat ears and hop in the box, we're gonna learn rust now ^^

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@rysiek @jk A lot of markets are like that. I think of cars here in the US, for instance. Americans buy HUGE cars, for basically no good reason. If you ask them why, they will tell you it’s because they’re safer. The connection between “larger vehicle” and “safer vehicle” is tenuous at best, of course, but it’s an easy mental heuristic to use. And the downsides to larger vehicles (higher fuel cost, worse emissions, risk to pedestrians, greater wear and tear on roads, etc.) are all things that either people don’t really think about when buying, or that have been effectively marketed to them as not worth worrying about. So we get roads full of suburban assault vehicles.

Regulation can help correct these kinds of irrational markets, but regulators have to be careful to approach them with a light touch. Voters don’t like being told what they think they want is Bad, Actually any more than customers do.

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"Tage, an denen man plant, Bananen zu essen, heißen übrigens Bananenplantage."

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