We're back playing the text-based, pro wrestling promoter sim, Extreme Warfare Deluxe.

In this week's episode we book the build to a clash between Lance Storm and Rob Van Dam for the WCW World Championship in June 2001.


It's May 2001 and I'm in charge of World Championship Wrestling.

Small spoiler for this text based/spreadsheet sim game: RVD really is the Whole F'n Show. 😆


If you enjoyed last week's Extreme Warfare Deluxe video, this one should be even better!

We stop faffing with paperwork and contracts and actually start booking shows!

How does my Spring of 2001 go with this fantasy WCW? Step on the ropes to find out!


Pro Wrestling By The Book is back, this time tackling Extreme Warfare Deluxe!

Come join me in this part 1 as I take control of WCW in 2001 and get my affairs in order in preparation for the first shows under a new regime.


For those of us who love to have a complete diorama for our figure collection, staging makes all the difference.

With that in mind, Wicked Cool has produced a pop-up AEW Entrance Stage.

Is it worth the money? Let's find out!


It's time for another bash at Victory Heat Rally with their Shakedown Demo - Gold!


Right, let's try something new:

Pro Wrestling By The Book is intended to be a series of gameplay videos, based on running Wrestling companies.

Our initial outing is WWE SVR 2006's GM Mode.

Take a look, send some constructive criticism and enjoy!


Don't know about you but I love me a good point and click adventure, and there were some half decent ones in the heyday of Flash.

One such of these was The Journeys of Reemus which I played the prologue of for this week's PlayTSET.


This week in my look back at flash gaming history, we venture back into the Classroom (2) and try to cheat our way to top marks again.

Is it still top-down stealth? Is it still early 00's edge? Is it still frustrating as all heck?

Click to find out!


Not mine but who doesn't appreciate cat cookies as pristine as these?

The return of Put It To TSET see's me take a little look at metal figurines from across the past couple of decades.


This week's gaming video is a delightful little flash Metroidvania title, Robot Wants Kitty.

Explore. Get upgrades. Explore more. Get kitty. Simple. 🐱


Wrestling fans and action figure collectors alike, may I present to you the latest offering from Wicked Cool and All Elite Wrestling:

The Blood & Guts varients of Jon Moxley & Kenny Omega

All you need to recreate the infamous exploding death match. 😬


I'm not saying the local Lib Dems are sexist BUT they did address their propaganda to only the males living at our address so 🤷🏻‍♀️

I see! This is why the Tory's wanted to crack down on internet porno!

They can't trust their MPs to to do their job with it existing!

No wonder the cabinet were distracted by the sight of legs, the lecherous old cunts.


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