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Hi John Proudstar fan here to tell you that you should not drink cleaning agents or inject them to defeat the coronavirus.

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finally i got in, my password and email address was not working before and I was locked out of mastodon. I tried clearing cookies that did not work. Then i tried the reset email function that did not work either. The email never came to reset it. Then I tried the confirmation email link and it gave me a error message but then afterwards i was able to log in. I hope these bugs get fixed. IT was unsettling to be locked out.

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We all know trump does not act like a proper president.

What in your opinion is a proper president?

I will start, I think a proper president should listen to the intelligence agencies instead of blowing them off.

What’s easy to get lost are peaceful protesters concerned about police treatment of minorities — the raw wound reopened by George Floyd’s death.

Joe Biden vowed to address institutional racism in his first 100 days in office as he sought to elevate his voice Monday in the exploding national debate over racism and police brutality.

It’s getting closer. Trump is comfortable in the White House, he has no intention of going anywhere.

The states no longer have control over the land within their borders

EPA limits states and tribes’ ability to protest pipelines and other energy projects


He projects his failings upon others. It’s apparent to anyone.

I think anyone who watched it thinks this already.

An autopsy commissioned for George Floyd’s family found that he died of asphyxiation due to neck and back compression when a Minneapolis police officer held his knee on Floyd's neck.

Family autopsy: Floyd asphyxiated by sustained pressure

No underlying medical conditions caused or contributed to Floyd’s death, medical examiner Michael Baden said at a news conference. He said Floyd did not respond to CPR or cardiac shock in the ambulance that transported him to the hospital.

The manner of death was homicide, the independent autopsy concluded.

Live updates: Family’s independent autopsy says Floyd died of asphyxia, contradicting county’s exam



:eyeroll: Dare I ask what sort of dodgy git is selling that codswallop?

@IronMan He yelled about the 2nd amendment. He wants American citizens to shoot other American citizens.

@QueenRamonda @IronMan I think most people are aware by now, but we don't have a recall mechanism until November with the general election, and Trump isn't constitutionally required to relinquish the office until Jan. 20th of next year. He's very happy to obstruct that recall mechanism with all of that time available to him.

I suspect that until then, or until entities with legally recognized authorities to do so are able to contain Trump, it's going to be rough.

@IronMan Is this something you can get paid for? There probably isn't a union with a good negotiated rate for car insurance.

Copy that Mr. President!☕😷

Barack Obama:
"If you want to take concrete action, but you’re not sure how, we’ve created a site to connect you with useful resources and organizations who’ve been fighting the good fight at the local and national levels for years."

@IronMan @AgentCarter_SSR

Some people were posting pics of a burning Washington Monument from a movie and people were sharing it as if it was live footage.

It's not hard to make sure something is legitimate news, even though it may take a sec.

Fear, hate, lying, incompetence, lack of leadership, corruption, a crashing economy, unrestrained polluters, unemployment, hunger, death, an out of control plague he was too cowardly to defend us from, ‘very fine people on both sides’, a race war he's afraid to address, and foreign interference from countries Trump's afraid of.

How's this experiment working out Remember in November and do better.

Russia and China target U.S. protests on social media:


What a surprise.

It's easy to ask someone if something seems suspicious. That looked suspicious to me, so I stayed away.

People are too eager to believe disinfo and get a "firsties" on it.

We need to do better.

The countries I can think of that attack their own citizens are not a group we should aspire to join (I'm not discounting this country trocities particularly against POC, but thinking of Iran and Syria dropping bombs on its citizenry.)

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