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Hi John Proudstar fan here to tell you that you should not drink cleaning agents or inject them to defeat the coronavirus.

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finally i got in, my password and email address was not working before and I was locked out of mastodon. I tried clearing cookies that did not work. Then i tried the reset email function that did not work either. The email never came to reset it. Then I tried the confirmation email link and it gave me a error message but then afterwards i was able to log in. I hope these bugs get fixed. IT was unsettling to be locked out.

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We all know trump does not act like a proper president.

What in your opinion is a proper president?

I will start, I think a proper president should listen to the intelligence agencies instead of blowing them off.

There are articles on using Mastodon. This is the one I read when I started in 2019, which is somewhat dated but may still help:

Some more tips from me:

Mastodon has hashtags. Sometimes they don't autofill.

You can post gifs, but so far there are no apps with a search engine, so you'll have to save them on your device in order to post them. The same goes for static images.

Mastodon supports DMs, but it's done differently on each app or web interface.


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Welcome to! I’m Maria, one of the moderators here. You may know me from other instances. Administrator @TonyStark, other moderators @NatashaRomanoff, @SteveRogers, and I have moved here to our new home along with our #HeroesResist friends. Our primary purpose is political but we also like to enjoy ourselves. Please check out “about this server” in the lower left corner of this page to learn more.

Atlanta Police Officer Who Shot Rayshard Brooks Charged With Felony Murder

It looks like only about a third of my followers made it over to the new account. That shouldn't happen. If you happen to see that I'm not following you any more and I was, right now I'm following so few people that I will certainly see the number increase, so please follow me again! DMs may or may not show up. Mastodon is much nicer than 🐦 but has some hiccups!

@Clout9 Hi John! This is a brand-new instance! @TonyStark is the administrator. You are welcome to make an account here. You can migrate your followers from your current account if you'd like. @AgentCarter_SSR

We will be migrating there over the next days.

Anyone is welcome to sign up as long as they follow our clear rules, which are the same as general Mastodon rules; no hate speech, no racism, no homophobic or transphobic content, etc.

No harrassment of any kind.

We will, like other instances, be able to interact with other instances. If I'm following you now, I'll still be.

You're welcome to join and we can help with migration. Thank you. I'm grateful for the support and team we've grown. 2/2

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Good afternoon!

After bouncing around a few instances and learning quite a bit about over the last 14 months, Heroes Resist has decided to establish it's own instance.

This has been in our minds for quite some time since people on Twitter/birdsite asked me to find a place to gather for social media that would be safe for resistance work and away from Twitter's constant account limitations, privacy invasions, and Trump.

That place has been created.

Buh Bye, Aunt Jemima: Quaker Discontinues Racist Branding

Republicans In Disarray: Rudy Giuliani Attacks John Bolton

Enraged Doctors Walk Out As Montgomery City Council Kills Face Mask Ordinance

Nancy Pelosi

American workers are paying the price for Leader McConnell’s efforts to slow-walk our response to COVID-19. Truly inspiring to witness today’s caravan of workers in Washington, driving together to demand that the to pass the .

How — and When — Can the Coronavirus Vaccine Become a Reality?

“Fast-Tracking” a Coronavirus Vaccine Sounds Great. It’s Not That Simple.

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