I really love the new arcade fire album, any other fans on this instance?! :)

Finally adding support for proper first-person menu-driven combat! First release will be included in v0.9 - stay tuned!
⚔️ 💩 ⚔️
#voxel #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #indiegames #rpginabox


Thought it would be nice to have a little thing living its life in my computer, so I made a thing! One day game jam jones over here! :)

OH **** ME.

The local instrument store has blood guitar's brother, the blood flying-v.

Jesus. I need to sell a kidney and get over there, like rn

Hey! Introduction time 😄

My name is Carlos Cortés, I'm a game programmer from Spain working in a little indie studio here. I mostly work with Unity and I'm learning to use the Godot Engine mostly through the Trijam in the weekends :)

- I'm interested in gamedev in general (duh)
- I'm interested in programming and optimization in particular
- I really like tinkering with computers / hardware
- I am an antifascist / very left-wing
- I love gamejams

#introduction #programming #politics

RPG in a Box is arriving, and it's time for everyone to start turning their stories and ideas into games!
#voxel #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #indiegames #rpginabox

#Pebble 1.1 is officially out!

I'm super excited about the new features & changes, but I spent all night writing up the patch notes, so I'll have to talk more about it tomorrow!

For now: nashhigh.itch.io/pebble/devlog

Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

Check out the huge list of features that have been added to RPG in a Box throughout Early Access! Don't forget: v1.0 is coming May 10th and the price will be increasing! RTs very much appreciated. 😊❤️
#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #indiegames #rpginabox

Gentle reminder that if you wanna help me, a musician, out, go to my for juicy and and share with others~


Oh hey there’s a lot of tech nerds on Masto right? Maybe someone will be able to able to help out!

I’m wondering if there’s any way to make a *custom* layout for *physical* keyboards on android?

Bonus points if it’s simple to do, I can do *some* stuff but I’m still pretty low level

#boost please so that this post may end up in the right neighborhood of knowledgeable folks!

RC Rush is a racing game that can be played in VR or on regular non-VR monitor! You race RC trucks in a number of different environments, unlocking trucks and events in campaign mode. It was made by me and my mate on a very low budget and we're super proud of how it turned out. Please do check it out and see if it's for you 👍 #indiedev #racinggames #indiegames #VR store.steampowered.com/app/165

@Thefunnybrain have you considered “rubber duck” debugging? If you talk through the code and/or configuration it turns out saying the stuff aloud can jog the part of your brain the recognizes logical fault


I need to go to bed. I just got a reply from a CL ad I put out looking for a bassist and this motherfluffer is 18 and is playing Dream Theater bass lines and meanwhile I’m just playing y’know basically Smoke on the Water in comparison.

Supposedly he still wants to jam tho! I just uh am gonna grow as a musician or die I guess.

And that moron usually leaves comments and summaries, but still... anyway it'll be lovely when it all works one day :)

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The best and worst bit of making a game solo is that I know what everything does, but not why it doesn't work!

Like when looking code, I know that I can ask the person who made it (me), but sadly I know that the person who made (me)... it is a complete moron :/

Unpopular opinion but...

Sarcasm, satire, and snark seem to be constantly increasing, slowly taking over some ways of thinking until everything is sardonic, mocking, cynical. This seems deeply sad, an expression of fear, anger, and suffering. Trapped in a state of commenting on life instead of living.

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