Hockey game Saturday. So ready for hockey season

My roommate was mentioning how hard the pos system was at grocery. Found out that they were the same ones I work on everyday. No not hard to operate. Hard to fix

Totally going to start a few side businesses soon

Doing Friday night lights. Should be fun tonight

Might be teaching a community college class in iPad technology. Another in Bigfoot research

Had a person I know from middle school who was a jerk. Go to the same college. Drop out and ran into him as a waiter. I felt bad because all he does is complain about life and his job.

Might get hired as a system engineer soon. So excited

Great movie worth the watch. If In Hollywood see it at this theater

Oh cool the famous LA smog. Well I know who isn’t doing well with the environment

Thor and love hammer is such a great movie. Excited to see what other movies come out next

Just realized I made 2 shots of coffee at 8 lol

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