Damn those credit card companies always wanting me to sign up.

Me when using Facebook now. Wait there are ads? Not tokenized? Not decriminalized at least ? Why do I use this again :0420:

Covid rant 

It is silly to me to put a I'm vaccinated on Facebook profile. Where I live 7 out of 10 people are. So big deal. You are still going to wear a mask in a store because you don't believe in the science. Even after all studies say your fine with no mask. Ugh sick of this crap

16 more days until my daddy governor let's us out of fake timeout over people having colds

Friends we need a technocrats. Me I feel like we already went through that in the last 4 years. Just a economic one. Maybe not a good idea

Tech recruiter: have you ever used this before.
Me:that is from the company your hiring for so no

the donut hole, straight-on view, no cars, amar road, la puente, california, 1991

Been spending a lot of time on the crypto social media. Haven't been in the fediverse in a while

Twitter is a freak joke aka clown world over there

Best thing about being a online work. No mean mugging

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