Got stuck playing fallout until the morning again

When your roommate goes on a rant about politics in Florida but we live in another state. So freaking dumb

Do you think it would be helpful if you could select which rule you think a post/account has violated when making a report instead of having to type it out by hand?

So found out I might be a fully remote support. If I get the confirmation I'm moving to the country area.

If Twitter had a cringebot 99% of post would qualify


Fucking livid my piece of shit ex girlfriend mom had to do a back handed statement even when we aren't friends on Facebook anymore for months. Does she realize her daughter broke up with me after making it impossible to see her during covid. Pissed off between all ends

I don't know about this space jam. Going to watch for free

Gettr another Twitter clone has arrived. So many out there

So many cats, I dig it. We do really need to bring more dogs on this. Dog people unite

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