I never see myself ever living in the city. Too much of a headache navigating everything. The cost is too high to be worth it

My girlfriend found out about the iPhone privacy settings, which tell you what applications have permission to features on her phone. Android had this for years. Apple is so behind on there privacy policies.

The future of California. All gas cars are sold on black markets. While electric cars can go 1 million miles

Last time I went to the city after a climate change rally the day after. I couldn't believe all the trash which was left behind. Rallies are all good but leaving the streets with trash destroys the message

My friend is so easily triggered by facts that go against his beliefs.

Cyberpunk games are always a thrill to play. can loose hours.

found a program that makes reddit look like a newspaper. My life is complete now

Its is amazing huge much technology and society is changing

"Free speech should be free, even if it's wrong"

When you had the most insane age of empires fight yesterday and kicking your self for not recording it


We need to make a pirate party in the United States

Why is all the IT jobs working on weekends is required?

Is it acceptable to watch Halloween movies a couple weeks before October

So weird having a "weekend" on Tuesday and Wednesday

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