Nft the meme economy is becoming real. I'm going to cry

M5.8 depth:80.0km,2021-03-04T20:25:19.0Z UTC,lat:-28.31 lng:-177.06,KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION|ID:20210304_0000307 Earthquakes Today (past 24 hrs,only quakes >= M4.0)

Pup is almost grown up I don't know if I can handle it lol

Might apply for two different jobs one for a video game company to be a system admin. Another system analyst similar to what I do now. Only difference less stores

Future employers can't get you for shitposting if you don't use Twitter and hardly use Facebook. Your online identity is never know.

Going to have to try minetest, gimp. Any other opens source to try

Thought about making a shit post tweeter account. I'm curious how fast I would get banned :1up: :apusheencomputer:

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