we should start referring to age as 'levels', so when you're lvl 80 it sounds tougher than just being an old person.

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@calculsoberic doctor in quantum computing/physics πŸ˜…

Strawberry and I were in university at early 14 years old...

@The_Quantum_Alpha oh wow, I'm not that smart! But I did have a brain tumor and still managed to graduate college and all. :HappyTurtle:

@The_Quantum_Alpha aw, don't be! I've come really far!! I used to not remember whole days and now it's down to just little stuff. I'm now doing some things I really enjoy.

@kranfahrer thanks! we also had doughnuts instead of cake, made our own flowers out of paper, and instead of a limo, we had a trolley. @The_Quantum_Alpha

@The_Quantum_Alpha thanks! we got some inspiration from the site called Offbeat Bride, which was all about staying true to yourselves and not worrying about traditions or trends. @kranfahrer

@calculsoberic oh, we would prefer to keep it offlinefor intimacy and Privacy... πŸ˜”it is a choice that we both made and agreedfor our own integrity @kranfahrer

@The_Quantum_Alpha oh no worries! I understand that. you reminded me of something when mentioning ugly stuff: - really expensive houses that are ugly af @kranfahrer

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@kranfahrer definitely! and heck, I have seen some mega-expensive things that I thought were ugly tbh! :flan_laugh: our wedding rings are also vintage. @The_Quantum_Alpha

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