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I know that I'll get all sorts of comments and DMs from people defending their opinions, but no. My opinion won't change, and you'll waste your time.

Even if you come up with a 25 pages essay to convince me, my opinion and point of view won't change either!

I follow science, I'm a scientist. I go with established facts, not with opinions, not with modern society's dysphoria.

It is not because you are insecure, because you dream that reality changes that reality as it is will change 4 u.

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People asks me what do I think of UFOs as a quantum physicist...

I think yeah, it's possible, in fact, with the recent progress we've made with thing such as photon manipulation and chord desynchronisation (chords from the theory) resulting in gravitational cancelation, I think there's credibility to that!

I think with simple magnetohydrodynamism it would be easy to have part of the equation.

But, those are just my opinions.

Apparently offering your help on reddit triggers moderators...

I just don't have a discord, and I'm denied access to that ClubHub because this is a new account and its their terms that you can't get in with a new account ever... (my previous reddit account was deleted)

I kindly offered my help, and they banned me from every subreddit that the same mod is in.

When I asked why, they simply muted me for a month.

This is reddit in a nutshell.

You know when your just scrolling the timeline on your phone, and it just start favoriting or boosting random posts?


γ‚―γ‚©γƒ³γ‚Ώγƒ γ‚’γƒ«γƒ•γ‚‘εšε£«

🎡 'Heroes never die
Gonna make it to the finish line
We know we survive
Even if we crawl to the finish line' 🎢

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