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I share memes and jokes.
I share tech knowledge and science.
I share news and controversies.
I share my ideas and opinions.

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I am NOT looking for a fight, I do NOT want to offend anyone for the sake of it.

But if it mean to give up my dignity to please the mob, expect me to speak up about it.

I can be friend with everyone, no matter your beliefs, orientation, race, etc. I am blind to that. I value who you are. But if the "who you are" is an horrible person, expect some friction.

I defend my integrity, and as always, I will not step on eggs.

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With free speech comes great responsibility and acknowledgement of your own actions.

You wouldn't want people to be able to read your minds, some of the thing you might think of someone else or something can just not be told! It is the same with free speech!

There are some things that you know well that pushes the border of civility and common sense.

Don't use free speech in bad faith, don't use it as an excuse to spread hate and misinformation.

Express yourself in a modest humane way.

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I know that I'll get all sorts of comments and DMs from people defending their opinions, but no. My opinion won't change, and you'll waste your time.

Even if you come up with a 25 pages essay to convince me, my opinion and point of view won't change either!

I follow science, I'm a scientist. I go with established facts, not with opinions, not with modern society's dysphoria.

It is not because you are insecure, because you dream that reality changes that reality as it is will change 4 u.

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Just giving what Wifey Sauce sounds like, :ablobderpy:
hope it means better in Canadian English :ablobderpyhappy:

Got asked if me calling my wife "wifey sauce " comes from a youtuber called "Bitwit"...

No, didn't even know he called his wife that way.. Wifey sauce is very common here in Ottawa πŸ˜…

Stop trying to make everyone agree with you.

A.) It's a waste of time
B.) It's literally impossible to get every human on the same page.

Just do what you are doing and leave others alone. If you want to discuss differences go for it but for the love of all things holy stop calling people Nazis because they don't like the same pizza toppings as you (This is an exaggerated to show a point)

I'm currently designing an ARM cpu, that will have 128 cores, for servers and quantum integers.
Ideas are welcome.

At SpaceX, they are testing MHD (Magnetohydrodynamics) modules,as a new form of "meta" propulsion.
Currently in design and prototyping.
I recommend you to read about it as it is quite interesting.
My team is on simulations...

Someone applied at our workplace... seemed all good (PhD, Ed, CS, etc.), until they wrote they are TRA (Trans Right Activists).

His CV went straight to the shredder. πŸ”₯

TRAs are the most toxic people in humanity. We don't want that. Our lawyers have approved that decision.

To all of you offended, muting/blocking/unfollowing me by my posts, please fill in this report.

Your feedback are very appreciated and mean a lot to me.

"Progressive", they say...

Yeah, very Progressive, forgetting biology and taking delusion as a life path.

Alright, me who sincerely thought humanity would become smarter and smarter... we're regressing

I received my order of an extra stick of ram!!
Now at 3 TB of ram... should be enough to run Firefox, I think.

Also received a new 8k monitor, as one of mines died... they really don't last long.

Received a new Freon-R22 server cooler, but the law here states that it must be installed by a qualified plumber and such.

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