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I know that I'll get all sorts of comments and DMs from people defending their opinions, but no. My opinion won't change, and you'll waste your time.

Even if you come up with a 25 pages essay to convince me, my opinion and point of view won't change either!

I follow science, I'm a scientist. I go with established facts, not with opinions, not with modern society's dysphoria.

It is not because you are insecure, because you dream that reality changes that reality as it is will change 4 u.

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I just purchased a domain from hostingers for 99 cents... annual payment

@calculsoberic that happened to Strawberry when she tried Windows 10 for the first time πŸ˜†

She doesn't even want to touch it anymore πŸ˜‚


We have a cute little penguin 🐧,
You have an old moldy window 🀭

γ€Š"YWCA of Canada has signed on to a misogynistic statement claiming female biology is essentially meaningless.

Nearly every single major women's organization has abandoned its mission. Who are women supposed to trust when "feminist" NGOs deny the very basis of their oppression?"》

I will defend biology and science.

LEAVE HER AND I ALONE, about that!!!

Not EVERYONE needs to be trans to ENJOY themselves!!

I confirm she feels very much like a girl!.

Shame on you. Next time I receive another one of these DMs, I will publicly announce your username.

There is something called friendship. She doesn't needs validation, she is confident in herself.

Sadly, some are just too alone in their own echo chamber to understand that.

Of course!

But linux Is better and open source is the way to go as it's proven to be secure and a sustainable development practice.

Manjaro is a great distro in my opinion, and it is a blend of stability and cutting edge.

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