Okay after opening both Godot 3 and Godot 4 versions and just printing out all the output, finally figured it out. Somewhere in the math that Godot 3 did it was converting the degrees of rotation from my formula to radians, invisibly. Now it's rotating directly by degrees.

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At least my rotation limits are working...

...when it gets to +/- 2922 degrees

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Migrating project from Godot 3 to Godot 4. Have an
setup for a ClippedCamera, which was removed so I put in just an ordinary camera.

Camera rotation was perfectly fine in Godot 3. Now in Godot 4, exact same code is rotating at like many times normal. What the heck...

Like, all the MOVEMENT code is fine, and works normally at the normal speed. Just the rotation of this armature, which is two plain nodes that sit between the camera. THAT is what is going crazy and I don't get why.

You can tell where cutting back on the calcium channel blockers REALLY started to let the ADHD meds kick in, lol

Well this is definitely gonna call out how old I am, BUT:

Then who was phone?!

Conversation with someone at work about distro bullshit

me: "Yeah I know a few people who work on Alpine, Debian and Ubuntu, I should ask them."
him: "How do you know so many people?"
me: "It turns out the queers are good at tech"

Godot Error: Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'to_int' in base 'int'.
Godot debugger: *points to a line on the timeline thats got NOTHING AT ALL, and also the line above it wasn't that type cast either*
Me: .... what even

Oh geez, spent the last hour or so trying to figure out why my project I'm converting to wouldn't open project settings, thinking I corrupted something.

Then I find this bug and nope, this was it. Docked my laptop, they were offscreen

Results from my initial testosterone levels before starting HRT are in, which I had my doctor draw along with the other tests to see if they were just low in general and I was having chronic fatigue the last couple years from that.

Nope, they definitely were NOT already low..

Couldn't end up doing what I wanted with sparse checkout and submodule/subtrees. Doesn't seem to be possible with git in general. I begrudgingly just decided to try with a symlink... Except whoops I keep all my stuff on exFAT, can't symlink there.

Does work for what I want, tho... So I guess that's good enough.

Today's project: figuring out how to do some git shenanigans with sparse checkout and submodule/subtree

Today's aggravation: Using a Popup spawned from an Editor plugin (specifically, Dialogic's Godot 4 port), switching to another application makes the popup disappear. Godot editor popup's don't do that.

That is super frustrating trying to copy+paste info from other apps

I spent hours trying to fiddle with that and the Window parent type trying to find a way to get it to stay there, but nothing did it, always disappeared when switching to a different application.

...well, ONE thing made it stay there. But that completely locked the UI thread...

Got sent some info yesterday about calcium channel blockers (which I take as migraine preventative) being counter-produftive to stimulants like ADHD meds.

Decided to try cutting to half last night to see changes... Whoops this morning I been focused on coding and forgot to eat!

Star Trek crack theory time: Sarek developed Bendii Syndrome directly because of part of his katra being missing for so long

hmmm I ordered 1.0 ice cream floats but got 1.00000000000000022 :thinking:

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Yabridge has come along a lot since I first heard of it, so I decided to try it out yesterday. Copied my VST folder to my shared drive on my laptop, and set it up.

Most of my good VSTs need installarion so it wasn't that easy, but Reaper was able to open existing projects fine with the settings on the VSTs in the project loaded properly.

On the other hand, I had never actually tried Reaper itself in Linux on my laptop... It really isn't very HiDPI aware, at all.

That's one of the biggest problems I run into a lot with my laptop with Linux in 2022, the horrid state of HiDPI

Thanks, Google Analytics, for spamming me with emails for spending money on domains that I'm connected to that don't have websites on them, as they were retired, and haven't for years.

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