5) just two more reviews for you to look at... but seriously go to their Facebook page, here's the link:


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4).. days with the last message being on September 29th). By that time I had become angry with them for not owning up to the mistake. I explained that I was disabled & hadn't worked since 2015 trying to get disability. I told them I felt they were stealing from me. The gift money I used for the purchase was spent & since it was a web description mistake I felt they should send me the label to return it because if they didn't I wouldn't be able to & said that's how you are stealing my money. I angrily told them they messed with the wrong taurus.

So here I am letting you know what's going on and warning you so you don't make the mistake of ordering from these people like I did. If you go to their Facebook page you can see all their complaints and they have turned off their review section, but I've included a SMALL PORTION of them here.

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3) they had an issue with their email service & told me returning it would be fine as long as I hadn't worn them. So then I answered on the 26th saying it was the studs I needed to return. I provided pictures & details, & asked for directions. They answered on the 29th with instructions (which included a warning I only had 5 days to do this😲). They didn't mention a shipping label at all so I sent a reply that same day saying it had literally already been more then 5 days during this conversation & then not answering for so long & I needed more time & a shipping label. They sent me a reply on the 30th stating I would have 5 days from the current message I was reading (the 30th) & said they do not provide free shipping labels unless it was an error on their part, or give reimbursement for shipping costs (not for what I payed to have it sent, nor to send it back). I then replied on the same day saying it was not tragus jewelry & the web description was wrong. We argued about it for...

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2) secondly after receiving them I saw they were very thick & bulky. The thickness is very chunky for that area. It looks ridiculous. These are actually more appropriately suited for the inner or outer conch, or an inner flat area.. NOT the tragus.

NOW, all that would have been fine had they given me efficient customer service but they DID NOT.

I sent my first email on August 9th to let them know the cuff was great but the studs were improperly described as being for the tragus & I needed to return them (for the record: just today I noticed the green so I hadn't mentioned that part & I didn't realize the stud's post wasn't long enough yet either because I was avoiding putting them in, in case that would ruin my return. Oh & I also hadn't noticed 1 of them was bent either til I tried putting them in).

I gave BM25 a while to answer, they didn't so I sent another on the 15th. They didn't answer me after that until the 24th but apologized saying... Continued

(pics are of FB reviews)

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1) I don't normally do this but I have tried everything to reason with them, and I think it's important to speak up to save others from the same fate. I can't leave a review on thier page, (they have it turned off) so I'm posting this to let folks know of my experience with Body Jewelry By BM25. DON'T ORDER anything from them until you read this and read their reviews on FB.

I ordered 3 items, 1 ear cuff & 2 tragus studs. This is what happened during my dealings with them.

The cuff: I love the cuff but it's turning my ear green. That means the pure surgical steel they said it was made of in the web description is only plating & underneath is copper, this was a lie.

The tragus studs: I ordered 2 of these. 1 for each tragus. This one had a false web description as well. The very fact they say it's for the tragus is inaccurate. In the first place these had too short of a post to fit a tragus, secondly after receiving them...

(pics came from website of the products I bought)

Part 2,
....few times. All I did was add a couple squirts of water to keep it from burning. It evaporates as it's cooking, (make sure you don't put too much water in & keep a close eye on it so it doesn't dry up & scorch)

😍 if you try it, let me know how you liked it.

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Kat's Whole Foods Taco filling,

*10 oz cabbage & kale mix (how much you use of each one is entirely up to you. I used one leaf of kale & the rest was cabbage),
*4 oz portobello mushroom chopped,
*1/2 large white onion,
*2 tbsp chopped garlic,
*1 to 2 tbsp olive oil,
*3.5 oz red & orange bell pepper (I think they have a better flavor than green),


*Chop up your veggies & set aside,
*Get 2 good pans, 1 for the onions, garlic, bell pepper & mushroom, the other for the cabbage, (the cabbage takes longer to cook & I like my veggies firm),
*Fry the onion & mushroom mixture for 10 minutes & set aside,
*Fry the cabbage until tender then add the rest of your veggies to the cabbage & cook an additional 10 to 15 minutes making sure not to overcook the onion & bell pepper, then add your taco seasoning (my fave is the mild Siete brand)

Chef's note: I fried both the cabbage & the veggie mix in the oil, splitting the amount between the 2 pans, however it did get dry a....

I thought it was real (see pic) and I shared it thinking so. Here's what I found when I looked it up after being flagged for false information on facebook after sharing (follow link).

😂 I love it anyway!!


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@TheRealKat forgive me for snooping around your freezer but how’re those chickpea pizza crusts?

I removed the seeds from the rest of the plums and froze them for later use 👍😋😊

We had tacos recently, (nothing special to show except for my personal hack for taco shells that close up after warming in the oven).

First, I put the meat in prior to baking to soften the bottom area of the shell slightly so it doesn't break and crumble after your first bite, second, I place in each taco a re-sized toothpick to keep it from closing. It bakes it in that shape permanently and you can put more stuff inside, like extra lettuce ☺️👍(I love extra lettuce).

Recently I made . It was a little tough to put in sandwiches for BLTs but they were awfully tasty 😋👍

The marinade ingredients:
*1/3 cup gluten-free soy sauce,
*2 tsp balsamic vinegar,
*2 tbsp sugar free keto maple syrup,
*3 tsp liquid smoke,
*1 tbsp nooch,
*1/2 tbsp garlic,
1/2 tsp onion powder,

Just marinade for about an hour then airfry, pan fry or bake. For air frying I recommend 400° at 10 minute intervals until you reach your desired crispness, for baking I recommend 350° until you reach your desired crispness also at 10 or 15 minute intervals, I've never pan fried my so you'll have to experiment with that one, (if you do let us know how it turned out)

Chef's note:
I personally don't like maple bacon on my BLTs so when I did it I made one pan of maple bacon and two pans of regular (this is all personal of course you may feel differently).

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Republicans believe they are savvy not to set down their platform in black and white. Doesn't matter because any citizen with half a wit and any memory at all knows Republicans stand for a few hard and fast positions: hypocrisy, misogyny, controlling other people's bodies, racism, tax cuts for the wealthy, and destroying Social Security, Medicare, and Obamacare. And that's the short list.

This, folks, is contemporary "conservatism." It would take the country back a century at least. There's no reason for anyone to vote for one Republican.

Opinion | Mainstream Democrats romped in the primaries. Republicans went full MAGA:
This should end any claims that our politics is afflicted by “polarization.”

Homemade vegetable soup and cheese bread made with gluten-free pizza crust and vegan cheese.

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