Hey, still fighting the art block, with limited success, but thanks to some inspiration from @victormario, who posts fractals daily, I was motivated to try one in , so here it is.
In addition to Matrix (Element) I'm now also on XMPP, so if you prefer that, feel free to add me there. Details in my bio.
I'm also still working on my website, in the little spare time I have, so maybe check that from time to time, if Interested, now also on a new domain:

Sorry for not being too active here, university started last week and there were also other things I needed to take care of, like the complete re-writhe of the canines.42web.io frontpage.
Some free time was spent watching an 80s Hungarian movie about a fox and than spending more than a reasonable amount of time, trying to draw my character in the unique style used on the movies poster the cinemas got in this country, which was pretty different from the movie itself.

I'm now on the Element instance run by @stux at stux.chat, if you have some kind of a Matrix account, feel free to DM me there or join my room. I'll also most likely start using this new made last weekend as my profile pic there, since the current one looks a bit too sad for my current mood. :blobfoxlaugh:

Some made last weekend, the one on the right is now being used on the new version of my website, that you can check out at: canines.42web.io

I also want to make it easier for others to use this sticker, so here is the version with transparent background. So if you or the people running this place like @Gargron or @stux want to use it for anything, you can. :blobfoxlaugh:

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๐—ง๐—ต๐—ฎ๐—ป๐—ธ ๐˜†๐—ผ๐˜‚ ๐—ฎ๐—น๐—น :dogluv:
I wanted to celebrate this by making the mascot into a .

Hope you guys like it!

I was busy with exams, but here are two things from the past, that I never posted and a redesign from today:
1) Uniform prototype from last year that ended up being used for the current profile pic.
2) Unused design made earlier this year.
3) Glasses emote redesign I made today.

I'm just trying out drawing myself in some completely different art styles and I feel like this is one of the most interesting ones so far. :blobfoxthinksmirk:

I also posted another project yesterday and it looks like not many people saw it, so please check it out as well. :dogluv:

@tlapka Hi, saw you here before, but I never looked at the nickname, now when I did, i realize that it says "tlapka", so I'm wondering if I finally found another Czech person here, or if it's just a coincidence? :blobfoxthinksmirk:

Canine vs Modern Art #?
Bland white tiles as far as an eye can see, the place reeks of emptiness, but suddenly, out of nowhere a portal projects itself onto the wall, bringing you a mysterious cube.

Old vs New #1: The species of my mascot is Inugami, and one of many benefits that come with that is the ultimate form, the ability to grow to giant size (around 18m sitting, instead of the usual 180cm), this form is only used as a last option when trying to avoid death as it causes them pain and makes them attack everyone around them.
*both versions drawn last year, one at the start, one at the end

I know I changed it yesterday, but I've got some feedback to keep the angle, but change the art style to , so I did that now, time to see how well that goes. :blobfoxlaugh:

Drew this a few days ago, looking into new angles and art styles for my profile pictures. Even though this artstyle might be a bit childish, or at least it reminds me of some of the newer kid shows. :blobfoxlaugh:

This started as a , but because of the weird angle, it was really hard to make. I never used the original emote, or many emotes in general, but remaking it was an interesting art exercise. :blobfoxlaugh:

*It can be used as an here, if you people want, but please don't cropp it. Also please don't take this as me cosigning the opinions that led to the removal of the original one.

Any feedback related to the website is also appropriated. I kinda feel bad for hosting it elsewhere, but when they let me use that place for free, it was really hard to say no to them. :blobfoxlaugh:

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Seeing @stux here talk about @Stuxhost got me into more web improving mood as well, and today I finally got myself to try playing with ".htaccess" files on my server, to make my art backup at canines.42web.io look nicer and more pixelated, using the font from Hypnospace.
I also finally got myself some SSL certificate, although I'm surprised to see how fast they expire, so if someone knows where to get one that lasts for longer than 3 months without paying for it, please let me know. :)

I was inspired by some of the more related drawings on , so I thought I'd take a small break from drawing canines and instead. I hope someone might see it and design one as well and we might end up with a bunch of interesting boxes or other geometry.
You can also comment under this, with your answer to the following question:
"Would you press the red button?"

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