I really wanted to wait a bit longer with the dark profile pics, but damn @volpeon, you already started it, so there's no delays now.
Points to anyone who gets some of the references. :dogluv:
Have a nice everyone!

Fixed some things in the profile pic and also made it work better in circles, by making it a bit smaller.

Took a bit of a break from posting art, not from making it though. Here is a profile picture I made for my account and now I just added some generic background so it'd show up better here on the Fediverse.
It's a bit of an experiment adding some rubber textures and shapes to the design for fun.
If you like following my art here on the Fediverse, please help spread this account around, to get it seen by some new people, rather than just have it stuck with many followers but no interactions, as most of those people are no longer active.

I'm going for a more consistent design for my things, so this'll from now on be the icon of my room on at matrix.to/#/#Shibeden:stux.cha as well as the Discord server that room is connected to and some of my sites like flist.glitch.me and it's backup.

So if you're also on Matrix, come say hi and help keeping the room more alive. :bounce_canine:

I finally return and than @koyuchan :koyu_boop: decides to "update" the koyu.space app I was praising earlier to not even work on my phone anymore.
Even after clearing all data, clicking "LOGIN WITH MASTODON" makes it crash every time.
I would also like to know why the F-droid page is no longer updated, because if it was, I could at a lest "downgrade" back to 3.2, but now I'm just kinda fucked.

Hey, long time no art (again), so here's the "mini version" with more pixels, but less complex shapes. Kinda tired of the bouncing, so I might use it for a new profile pic. :blobfoxlaugh:

I think I remember seeing this kind of animals in the early days of the Internet. I always wanted to make one myself, so after animating the previous one and seeing all kinds of old Internet memories come back, I decided to finally do this project and maybe also use it as my profile pic here, since it might work a bit better for those using circle profile pic instances now.
- I guess

@volpeon looks pretty cool, but it also looks like an invitation code is needed. :blobfoxthinksmirk:

Hey, new , this time one of those only made using the color palette, that the app already comes with. Hope you like it, cause I might use it as the next banner.
Also a new emoji of me from a few Andy's ago: :bounce_canine:
Thanks @stux for adding it. :dogluv:

Hey, I know there is no new art, but I have updated Spup - the Spotify playlist maker (one of my first webapps) today. I got it from Bootstrap 3.4.1 to 4.6 and made the UI look a bit more modern in the process, so if you want to discover some new music to listen to this summer, why not give it a try at:

Hey, I'm taking a bit of a break from making new art and coding stuff, so I'm just chatting here and exploring the possibilities of animated profile pictures.
I was already testing it for a few days now, but it looks like this is the final version.
I would also like to welcome all the new followers and wish you all a really nice summer!

Hey @stux, bragging about six or seven columns on your Mac, behold the power of 91 on Windows (using "/zoom -100"). :pogcanine:

Other than working on , I'm also working on some cool for the summer and I was super happy to find out that the one I made of the songs recommend by DankPods (my favorite audiophile), just got to 15 followers (5 or more today).
To celebrate, I'm adding even more music and and a nice new DankPods inspired playlists cover.
Thanks for all the support and for those unaware or the playlists existence, you can check it at:

Hey, with all of my exams for this semester being finally over, I can spend more time doing what I normally do again.
First thing I want to share is this sprite, inspired by the Silly Shiba game on: felix-maudru.itch.io/silly-shi
I hope some of you will check it out so the author can maybe add more levels. :blobfoxreach:
Also, for those who don't read my replies, I still need some more browser enthusiasts to help with testing my browser over at -dev:stux.chat (Matrix.org).

is a free without built-in trackers, cookies, history or any garbage.
It supports only open codecs, so some sites won't work.
But it can pin windows to keep them on top, correct grammar and change site language based on the keyboard language selected, when launching it.
Yeah and search stuff on , right from the address bar.
It is still in early , but if you want to help , you can get it at:

When I did one of these fractal thingies last time, most of you guys liked it, so I've decided to incorporate one into the new banner design.
Still working on the browser and chatting with people on stux.chat (hosted by @stux) and XMPP, so feel free to join and talk.
Also consider checking out the artists I follow, if you want to see more art on your timelines. Or just check some of these tags. :blobfoxgoogly:

Just a reminder I'm still alive, alive and still making joke . Also working on a browser now, but that's probably a conversation for another place. :blobfoxlaugh:

I made the new banner, using only 5 shades of gray (3 shades + black and white), it's kinda COVID themed as well, to tie it back to current events. I'll probably start using it here on Mastodon today and than on other sites over time.

*if any other artists see this, feel free to give this style a try and show me what you make :blobfoxlaugh:

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