I'm done with the "smallening" for now.

I thought it'd be interesting to remake an older pixelart, that was way too "inspired" by Difros (difro.carrd.co/) work, to match with one of my friends profile picture at the time drawn by Difro.

Now I wanted to return to it and try making all the changes I regretted not making back than and in general make it more than a somewhat edited copy of someone elses work.

*They still look somewhat similar, because some changes were already made in the first edit from 2021. It was never just a re-color of someone elses art.

Also thanky you all for the support, despite the fact I wasn't really active here during the summer.

Now for the hashtags I always put here - so why stop now :blobfoxgoogly: :
and somewhat - I guess.

time to smolpost on main

Made mainly for games similar to fedi.place, that are still going on.
It was also an interesting experiment, to find the smallest amount of pixels necessary, to draw a recognizable version of my mascot/sona.

Almost half a year, since the last time I made some for my profile header. Hope you all like this "upgrade"!

Time for a
The previous didn't really end up working that well in profile picture sizes, so I decided to make a chibi version, to see if that'd solve the problem. I might even like the chibi a bit more than the original now.

of me and two of my oldest Internet friends.
Made by DoneDragon1 on Discord

and soon to be a . :blobsmilehappyeyes:
It was a pixelart project, trying to make it as small as possible, while not missing any details. Hope you like it!

and what not. I've been a bit busy with university and exams lately, but one can never resist the urges to update their profile banner for something fresh! :blobfoxgoogly:

*For those wondering what it means, it is a mix of my two less known nicknames "Canines Always Win" and "Year Of The Canine".

Updating to a new profile picture based on Russian Subway Dogs and wishing you all a happy new year!

NFT bros: Look, our crypto NFT is so decentralized, we're escaping the evil banks, dictating who can accept money and who's too controversial.
NFT bros a day later: Nooooo OpenSea, you can't just take this offensive monkey away from me, I sold my house to buy it and now it's gone - noooooooooooooo!

@amolith Please add me to Art, Design, Dogs, Friendly People, Furry, Pixelart.

It's my birthday today (turning 22). 🎂
I'm really thankful for all the new followers I've got lately, I really appreciate so many people are interested in the stuff I make.
My Pit Viper glasses also finally arrived today, so I'm going to also put on my profile picture now. :pogcanine:

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