Hi everyone, it's Eden here.

This will be the home of The Autisticats on Mastodon :)

I'll be posting most of what I post on our other social media accounts here as well. And I'll likely post some things here that I don't post elsewhere. Not sure about the other admins. We'll see!

I like that this platform isn't corporate-owned, and I think it's going to be a very sustainable option for us moving forward. Thanks for tagging along!

@TheAutisticats oh yayyyy! I'm so glad you're on mastodon now as well!!

@TheAutisticats Hey! its rohit here, followed you from the Gram, nice! look forward to seeing activity from you on here :)

@TheAutisticats hi and welcome :) I like mastodon too. Feel free to ask if you've got any questions about the ins and outs of mastodon :blobcatmlem: :autism:

@TheAutisticats found out about mastodon thanks to your IG post and immediately joined! can’t wait until we all get more settled here :)

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