@TOC This cancer is going to be stuck with us for at least 30 years because it's in the Supreme Court. Three justices who vote for this were appointed by Trump, each are roughly 50 years old, and justices can only be removed upon death, resignation, or impeachment

In 2022 how is abortion a thing we’re even talking about?

Eric Blair,better known as George Orwell,was born on this day in 1903 in Bihar, India.
It's astounding how his words resonate today.
Our time is one of nearly universal deceit.
And telling the truth *is* a revolutionary act.
Join our climate revolution👉🏽scientistrebellion.com/how-to-

USA politics 

if you or someone you know is seeking any kind of reporductive health care in the USA the #EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) recently posted a guide with security and privacy tips to help improve safety when looking for these services


hope this helps someone

America has become so radicalized that you need to fight with extremism. I know it sounds awful but this cancer is rotting you all. You no longer have the option of Half measures. Your freedom is literally on the line.

Leave it to a republican or a conservative to fuck everything up!
I’m sorry America, for your out of date and out to lunch Supreme Court!
They are forcing you to move backwards.

Dr. Fazlullah Akhtar and Dr. Sophie Thiam, also from @ZEFbonn@twitter.com, talked about the devastating impact of climate change on water resources in Afghanistan and on soil salinity (which decreases fertility of agriculture) in Senegal and West Africa. 10/

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A message from Vice Chair @RepLizCheney about Thursday’s hearing.


If anyone thinks DeSantis is the reasonable Trump alternative for Republicans, I have news for them.


Has anyone else noticed or have solid info that this observation is accurate? It seems that almost every pundit's opening remark on Democratic policy is a critique on how it could be better whereas the Republican policies are so Batshit, or as @Fenix ) said via a #retweet yesterday TrumpShit, that then the pundits focus only on Democratic opposition to it. Idk, for sure how the pundits talk about Republican policies actually because no one really knows what their policies are except crap like no CRT, no boys in girls restrooms, burn more fossil fuels faster, etc.

Anyway, I really think that the media narrative describing the two political parties should change while still trying to not be as obtuse as #FauxNews about it.


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Trump put in more "working" hours in the days between November 4th, 2020 and January 6th, 2021 than he did in his entire "presidency" put together.

For an insurrection for himself, of course.

DOJ's Jeffrey Clark met with Trump days before Jan. 6 with plan to potentially overturn election -

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