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I have brought the current development version of my puzzle game live, anyone with a subscription from buying one of the other games can now play it.

The signs that certain things are working out as planned. For my newest game I decided to do the thing where I bring it online so I can get some tests games. Only had to change one thing that I wasn't properly cloning my state for and everything was operational.

Breaks are operational, now to make piece collisions when there are multiple pieces falling.

Just got out of bed to write down an idea for perhaps my next puzzle game. Don't see my ideas list running dry for a long time haha.

Gonna start the base drop puzzle mechanics, which means probably pieces movement and rotation.

It's that time again, where I start work on another tiny game, this time a drop puzzler with some rather silly mechanics. Drop in as I start filling in the groundwork for it.

Today marks the release of Takeover Incorporated, a arcade territory capture game with rollback netplay for 2-4 players.

I have pushed a new version live with a handful of bug fixes and added some music.

I have a dev day that should work well for a stream, so time to do so. Doing some finishing touches on my game and adding a music player hopefully.

I've been working on performance stuff in the background and minor fixes, I both have improved the timing to miss frames less, and made it so when frames are missed it produces a less jarring effect. I doubt it's the last time I optimize timings, but it's pretty nice for now.

I have just finished my first 3 player test, and it seems my rewrite of my network stack shooting for 3p games has worked well.

I've been working off stream for a few days, and doing some code that involves a lot of server work and pretty boring stuff. My territory capture game is now locally 4 players, hoping that I can bring that to 4p online by its release day in a little over 2 weeks.

If you wanna see the internals of some rollback netcode, I'm currently doing some rough rewriting to turn my 2p netcode into >2p netcode.

I'm finally at that phase where I have to look deep to plan what I need to do next before release, and am thinking about major system improvements, always nice.

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