‘We need to have some light in our lives.’ — People in Denmark, one of the happiest countries in the world, are hoarding sex toys during the pandemic

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Incident :- on 8th Nov 2016

Result :- Banks, Real Estate, Manufacturing devastation, increased unemployment, poverty & farmer suicides, declined demand, High US $, low GDP growth rate, Riots & intl insult

Response :- Nehru did it, Cong is responsible


My question is why did Trump stop at crazy hydroxychloroquine?

He should have been asked for ayurveda and homeo drugs promoted by Jr. Ayush Minister.

Also ultimate cure cow urine too.

But he is afraid of retaliation by 56", so don't want to ask our life support medicines 🤣

It is so Disappointed & Shameful act that people who have lived in this country for 50 years are having to show a piece of paper to prove that they are Indians , a country whose ministers can’t even produce degrees to prove that they graduated or not .

Indians are already economically distressed & now terrified of .

They need regular help & guidance from administration.

Enforcement of the Lockdown doesn't mean terror & brutality to the citizens .

Treat the citizenry with civility.

I have been reading about AAP aspirations to go National. But, AAP must understand, it has got huge number of seats not because of its governance but because people were fed up of Hindu-Muslim propaganda of BJP.

Voters didn't have any choice and hence they voted AAP.

If AAP model was accepted then Sisodia wouldn't have struggled. BJP has bagged 42% voted

If AAP wants to go National then it has "built" new schools and hospitals etc. Denting painting model won't work at National level.

@Bhavika these are inhuman and selfish #Nazi Propaganda shops rented for the Devil's symphony

इनके दिमाग की बत्ती गुल है ..

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