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Trump proclaimed that the nation’s problems with racism will be solved “very easily. It will go quickly and it will go very easily." What?

He said the same about healthcare.
And the same about trade.
And immigration.
And infrastructure.

But to say it about race is a new level of low, especially from someone who defends Confederate symbols.

The important thing that's happening is the protests across the country.

We can start to send Trump into irrelevance in 144 days.


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@InternetKevin I'm quite certain that what we're seeing right now is the typical alt-right strategy: testing the waters, shifting the window of what is acceptable. And by November, it will seem plausible enough to threaten massive civil unrest and then somebody might decide that it would be better pumpkin was president for another term rather than risk all the violence.

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Here's my prediction:

Joe Biden wins both the popular vote and the electoral college.

Donald Trump announces the election was rigged by voter fraud and that the real winner is himself. Despite no proof, tens of millions of Americans believe this without any doubt.

Trump refuses Biden and his team entry into the White House.

Then what?

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Give Colin Kapernick a job in the NFL. Until that happens, Goodell and all of the owners are blatant hypocrites. They rode that man out of the league for leading peaceful protests. 


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I knew exactly that Joe Biden's mouth has no filter when I picked him out of the available options and said -- I'm riding with Joe. I think that his decency, values, and experience are reason to vote for him.

I knew he would say something I wasn't crazy about before the campaign was over. My eyes were wide open and made the best pick I could for me, for my family, for my people, for America. I didn't think that his flaws would disappear, just that I was ok given that all humans are flawed.

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James Dean and Jim Davis were both born in the same small town in Indiana

Which is why this absolute shitpost of a sign exists

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Social distancing and Corona manners 

Too many are selfish assholes.

Social distancing and Corona manners 

Went down to go grab a package from the mail room. Asshole came in right behind me and didn't observe social distancing, went rummaging for their package without a mask on right next to me. I was wearing a mask so they could have assumed I wanted to be cautious. Why can’t people observe common courtesy?

America lampooned in popular media 

Watched the first episode of Space Force. All the jokes land really awkwardly for me given the current situation. Appropriate and fair but still, feels really weird to be laughing at things you’re upset and embarrassed about.

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Seattle is having its one thunderstorm per year. I was listening to KNKX (NPR) and they issued a severe weather warning with all the buzzes, saying if you could hear thunder you were in range of being hit by lightning. Kind of ridiculous coming from Florida.

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“Minneapolis and St. Paul are on fire. The fire is still smoldering in our streets. The ashes are symbolic of decades and generations of pain, of anguish unheard...Now generations of pain is manifesting itself in front of the world — and the world is watching.”

- Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz

Coming out as disabled 

Coming out as is weirdly difficult. A friend who hasn’t seen me since I was disabled is messaging me. When do I mention the disability? It world make the conversation awkward, but it would explain some of my absence and sudden disappearance...

I don’t know that it will work. It probably won’t make a ton of difference, but I think anything helps in the current climate. Thoughts?

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Occasionally, if I come across a cogent article that clearly articulates disinformation, right-wing media bias/lies or plainly makes a case that the right is not serving their best interests, I will share that. The articles are not from leftist sites - I try to make them as neutral and agreeable as possible. The volume of political articles is low, probably less than once every week or two.

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With this in mind, I maintain friend lists of conservative friends and do not include them on my more liberal, angsty posts. They primarily get friendlier content, cat pictures and the like.

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I'm about as liberal as they come. I probably agree with your most leftist meme. However, with stuff we share on Facebook, we need to be mindful of our audience. If we want to pull people out of their disinformation spheres, it will be difficult to do so if our conservative friends view us as constantly on the liberal warpath, and impossible if they have defriended us.

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I’d like to share something I’ve been trying for the past six months or so in an effort to decrease divisiveness on Facebook and retain conservative friends. I think it might help others feel like there’s something they can do to reach their friends lost in disinformation bubbles.

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