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SC says review petition was without any merit. But activists and pol leaders had dug out so many problems in the deal, can we have a point by point explanation on them? Otherwise this kafkasque post-truth is just sad. We have no trust in anybody anymore.

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Twitter seems to be stiffling liberal voices elsewhere. Probably Right wing pays more and twitter reckons it to be a successful business proposition. Meet the of the West. m.dailykos.com/stories/2019/6/

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In Modi s New India

Nano plant bandh
Chevrolet plant bandh
Datsun plant bandh
Ford plant bandh
Hero plant bandh
Samsung plant bandh
Parle G plant bandh

Chalu kya hai?

Sauchalay 🤣

Via whatsapp..

This is my first Toot!

Moved here bcz many people boycotted twitter to show solidarity with @sanjayuvacha ..

Don't know what to do here, may be I will post my tweets here too..

The Modi government's "nationalism" is just a tatty cloak thrown over a truly ugly vindictiveness.

As long as it keeps crushing dissenters with threats/aggressions of one kind or another, it should also consider revoked its own right to call itself democratic.


After robbing RBI, now it's the turn of LIC & SBI to bail out the realty sector using the hard earned money of Indians.
Will Modi Sarkar also buy all the 12 lakh houses lying unsold ??

Why is #ModiMadeDisaster promising a 25,000 Crore Fund to bail out the housing sector?
Remonetising the Indian public so that people buy houses again, is much easier. But realty companies NOT citizens, will buy anonymous electoral bonds #SahebNeLootLiya


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@Gargron Thank you for an alternative to the tyranny of Twitter. I hope that more people from India and elsewhere use the platform. Will stand you a #VegBiryani meal, if you are ever in Delhi, India


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Saffron Ring and Saffron Twitter..

They even stopped pretending to be neutral!!!

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