A one pager on the massive scam called and more importantly how it affects the citizens

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Also, if anyone can provide an equivalent translation in their regional lang, I can do redo the poster. It is very important the message is spread far and wide

👉instruments that enable political parties to form a government without winning elections
👉Instruments that make governments work for the corporates
👉Instruments that legitimize blackmoney

Unlike the , election campaign funding is completely transparent
👉Doesn't use electoral bonds
👉No foreign donations accepted
👉Every donor can be traced
👉Every rupee can be traced

Pl help toot and please help donate to her campaign, so she can represent the issues of the people in Constituency


👉The number of farmer protests have been on the rise, indicating the desperation of the farmers
👉Agri culture's contribution to GDP at an all time low
👉Agriculture budget reduced

Given all this, when the farmers average income is still around 6000 to 8000 rupees, how can they government claim the farmer suicides are on the decline

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The govt published farmer suicide data. Well the NCRB did, but govt pruned the data, reduced the numbers, stripped out the reasons for suicides

👉The Demonetization dismantled the Unorganized sector including agriculture
👉Frequent flooding, droughts, untimely rains have made agriculture more riskier
👉Crop insurance companies raked in huge sums of monies
👉The MSP promise to be 50% more than cost of cultivation was never delivered
👉Huge debt waivers announced but small farmers left out

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The MPs elected 5 years ago i.e. in 2014, who contested again in 2019 - 335 of them, have all had an increase in the assets by 41% - The Growth & Employment

I guess NSSO, the CMIE ignored the politicians as they are above everything else and have not included the fastest growing industry - the political industry.

Enough of the sarcasm

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The government is absolutely right in rubbishing and quashing and discrediting and ridiculing the unemployment reports, the low growth reports and the under investment reports published by NSSO, CMIE & every other independent organizations

This is the proof of the growth

A billion dollars earned by political parties, actually, just one party - the BJP, in the form of electoral bonds in just a few months. Billion dollars to make elections a fight of money & muscle power & not about people

Sonam Wangchuk's MannKiBaath from Ladakh asking for protecting the native land, the native people, the environment, the culture..


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This is about an insurance company who are responsible for their crop insurance but have been highly irresponsible

I'm exposing their shortcomings and request you to please RT and if any journalist friends can take it further, much better


A multi-national Company / or / it's Officers get greedy ....

Farmers / dealers in Maharashtra bear the brunt.

Smashing story by The Morning Context.

And, it's free to read.

And yours truly is also features :

I would urge all of YOU to read it


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Aiming for favourable coverage, BJP meets journalists from South Indian media

This is the first time in six years that BJP functionaries have met only South Indian reporters.


Listening to Shweta Sanjiv Bhatt ma'am. It is so painful and embarassing at the same time. We didn't stand up for him. I am not talking about running a hashtag. But supporting him on the streets. No bail since 14 months.

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