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I just setup something cool for you! It's called , it's a web browser desktop client that looks like !

And the best thing is, you can login with you're account :mastodon:

Login with your username @ the instance that you are on, for example: ""

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I pay a few dllrs a month to my instance admin;
I think all users should be able to afford spending only one dllr/mo.

❤️ Please support your admins ❤️

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I made the India Twi-tt-er re-posting bots.

To find them:

Look for "Indian Bots" at the bottom of this list (people to follow):

Also: Send me a list if you have others I can make (that everyone will use).

Ok I'll shut up now. Follow me back if you want.

#Mastodon #India #followindia #followback #followers #introduction

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I am winding up this here.

Hope this is useful to you to understand and help you to join there.

Good night 🥰

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The wire @thewire is on Mastodon now. Look forward to their incisive articles and opinion pieces on various issues

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CokeStudio+Fareed Ayaz=addiction in loop. If you love sufi music. Do listen to this.

A special recommendation for @Ruminess


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NRI non-Bhakts have my admiration for they genuinely care about India. But some of them don't understand how risky it is for resident Indians to voice their protests without a serious risk that may at times even imply life-changing or life-threatening repercussions.


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