Why not start your own , , , or instance with these fast virtual private servers?♥️😻


I don't feel good about doing business with a company that doesn't link to their #privacy policy on the home page (even if just in the footer).

Also, your #GDPR compliance seems exceedingly iffy with no option on your cookie warning but "Accept".

This doesn't give me warm fuzzies about how you'll treat my data if I become a customer.

Thanks, but no thanks.

@Blort Thank you for the suggestion! That is in fact a great idea :blobcathearts:


Um... it was two things. A visible privacy policy and being GDPR compliant.

@Stuxhost I once had my own #Pleroma instance on my #RaspberryPi and I found that I could not get developer or other support for my broken instance (after software update) for weeks. So I decided not to do this stuff by myself any longer, but to trust in people which are more competent than me.

@Stuxhost are you also offering to install/setup any of those software with your new company?

@liaizon Yess! 💪 Currently we have a price for this but perhaps we can change this to free even.. :thinktink: ❤️

@Stuxhost how much would you charge to set up a peertube and pixelfed together on one domain?

@liaizon I think we can do this for free😄 With a server panel like Yunohost we can set this up very easily and keep it up-to-date with a few clicks 💪 Or we could go the "manual" way by setting up the components induvidual :thinktink:

Whbat would you prefer?

@Stuxhost what server level required you think for both to exist on one? What would you charge monthly?

@liaizon That depends on how big of community you want :blobcatgiggle: Pixelfed doesn't take much disk for example but PeerTube can be somewhat more heavy on the systems!

When video's get uploaded they get converted into multiple formats so it also takes up more space.

You can find our VPS's over here

@Stuxhost let’s say minimum use and only 2 users. Would the basic 10€ server work?

@liaizon That should be no problem I think 💪

Let me do a quick check, maybe we have something in between even :blobcatgiggle:

@liaizon The prices are edited and I just added a new server type in between 💪

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